Absurd Software Patent of the Week

I came across a few absurd patents in the above article

  • Patent Application number 202411017639 is about a social media platform based on blockchain. The specification in the application is a simple collection of features. It does not enable a person skilled in the art to achieve the said invention, adds nothing to already available blockchain based social networks like Verasity, and uses all buzzwords pertaining to blockchains.
  • Patent Application number 202411018482 is for an augmented reality textbook, which provides the content of a physical textbook in an augmented reality platform. Neither the description nor the drawings are detailed enough to enable a person skilled in the art to make or use the invention. The drawing, in fact, is merely a flow chart which explains how the system will work. This flow chart and the description is much less detailed than this paper on the same topic published in 2013. (Click here)
  • Patent Application number 202411018483 is a Blockchain based system for maintaining IP systems through smart contracts. This application is also a simple collection of features, and does not enable any person skilled in the art to make the patent. There are several websites that already provide these features. (See here) It is questionable as to how this adds anything to the current state of knowledge, which already provides for more safeguards. (See here)
  • Patent Application number 202411018745 is a GSM wearable monitoring system to track physiological parameters. This application is also a collection of features. Although it explains how the supposed invention works, the working is very rudimentary in nature and is anticipated by the state of the art in 2017. (See here)
  • Patent Application number 202411017219 is filed for a Voice activated assistant system based on Artificial Intelligence and internet of things. The product has four main components- AI enhanced natural language processing, IOT integration for smart devices control, privacy enhancing mechanisms like encryption and an adaptive learning system based on a feedback loop. However, even in the detailed description, no details have been disclosed. The claims and description do not disclose what is the encryption method used, how natural language would be processed by the system and even the brief details about the algorithm based on which the AI works. Any person skilled in the art would have no idea as to how this patent would be implemented to create the system.