FOSS India Tour

Keploy is planning to organize a Keploy India Tour by organizing conferences around India, just like KochiFOSS and DelhiFOSS. And is looking for collaboration with FOSSUnited for the same.


Create awareness around FOSS tools and involve more women in tech.


  • Type of event: Mini-Conference
    • Tentative dates: Feb onwards
    • Timing: In between 11:00 - 5:00 PM IST
    • Venue: TBD (University Auditoriums preferred)
    • Ticket Price: Rs 99 for students, Rs 199 for Professionals
    • Target Audience: Students and Working Professionals

Focused Cities

We’ve planned to organize the event in the following regions of India and already talked with a few regional communities about the same:

City Venue (Tentative) Date (Tentative)
Jammu MIET 3rd week of February
Lucknow Amity Lucknow 1st week of February
Kolkata UEMK 1st week of February
Chattisgarh NIT Raipur 2nd week of March
Chandigarh Chitkara University 1st week of March
Ahmedabad Lalbhai Dalpatbhai College of Engineering TBD

Support from FOSSUnited

  1. Keploy team proposes to host the following events in several cities with the name
    FOSS powered by Keploy, e.g. (KolkataFOSS powered by Keploy)
  2. In reference to this, Keploy team would require Monetary(~20k - 30k) for goodies and speakers, volunteer support from FOSSUnited

For more details, refer this doc
FOSS India Tour proposal


Sounds good.

You can use the app to manage the website, CFP and schedule.


Sounds Exiting!

FOSS Kolkata preparations are full on!

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Vishal, can you tell me how can I make a website for the conference?

Adding the Planner for KolkataFOSS
Thank Vishal for your Quick Guideline, it helped a lot

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You’ll find a form to organize a conference in this thread the Tasklist for Conference Organizers [Quick Guideline].

@WishArya Can you please share the access to the code repo you were talking about in the last members call? I think it’s scalable if individuals manage the webpage for the particulars they are organising (like you mentioned)?

@Neha_Gupta1 That’s what I meant by this ^.

Also Vishal, kindly share the design template too for the same, the one we used for DelhiFOSS and KochiFOSS. That would be better to use so as to keep the theme same.

You can copy this file and edit it.

Thanks for that, also for the website part, we have to fill up the form at ?
After filling out the form, who’ll be taking the responsibility of managing the website OR would we be given a codebase?

@littleironical you need to fill out this form so that we can give you access to the system to manage the website.

Alternatively, you can self-host this frappe app - GitHub - fossunited/indiafoss: Free and Open Source Software conference management by the FOSS United community.

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I’ve filled the form already, kindly check it once!

Yep, we received it a few hours back. Thanks. Will give you access soon.

@WishArya We haven’t received access to the system to manage the website.
Could you please check it?

I have given access to the email from which has applied for the conference @littleironical.

One he login, he can create a conference by visit the link -

Hi Vishal, a few follow-up questions:

  1. It asks for an email, for DelhiFOSS, we’ve created a Google group, what should we do this time?
  2. From where would we get the razorpay registration page like this?
  3. From where we would get the CFP page like this?
  1. You can add your email address or the email address of the person who will be handling the communication with speakers and participants. Alternatively, you can create a group email add all the volunteers and use that email there.

  2. If you don’t have a Razorpay account, I can create one for each conference. Let me know.

  3. You can find the link to the conf: website, CFP and schedule link on the left panel on the dashboard. See the screenshot below.

Let me know if you need another help.

  1. I’ve tried using Google Groups, but I think only the people in the group could send the emails to that group and not any external members. What did you do for the DelhiFOSS such that all of us were receiving the mails?

  2. Yeah, please set it up for us!

  3. Thanks for guiding here : )

You need to update group settings for that - Create a group & choose group settings - Google Groups Help

Done - Pay for Ticket - KolkataFOSS by FOSS United Foundation