FOSS United community call : Jan 2021


Join FOSS United community call today (9th Jan 2021) on

We don’t have any strict agenda. Do share your thoughts/expectations on/from FOSS United.

See you all.

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It was a great 2 hr session with between 20-30 participants at various points:

  1. State of Indian FOSS: We all lamented on the state of Indian FOSS and identified the multiple factors:
    • Poor state of college education
    • Lack of sponsorship from companies
    • Lack of motivating projects
    • Lack of mentorship
    • Isolated networks
  2. Self hosting: There was a general discussion on whether FOSS United should go for self hosting all its assets. The general feeling and consensus was “yes”. We will also switch to the self-hosted solution once it is tested and stable, rather than just jump to it all at once. See progress here
  3. Lightning Talks:
    • @Rohan_Rajpal gave a quick overview about ( There was a quick discussion on licenses and sustainability.
    • Aldrin (?) demoed a hack that he built to create a music player based on YouTube.

It was a great session, I really liked the brainstorming we did to promote more FOSS within India.

Also thanks for listening to our Sevashop talk! Really appreciated the feedback. If anyone has any other inputs, feel free to reach out to me on Telegram @rohanrajpal

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