FOSS United Hyd Nov 2023 meetup

The November meetup for the FOSS United Hyderabad community is tentatively scheduled for November 25th, Saturday, 3-6 PM.


I’m extremely late but I’ve just announced the meetup via the FOSS United Hyd page - FOSS United Hyderabad on LinkedIn: RSVP FOSS Meetup Hyderabad - . The event location is Gramener in the Financial District, Hyderabad.

We regret to inform that the meetup tomorrow has been cancelled. We only got 2 talk proposals and none from underrepresented groups. We also got fewer registrations than expected. We apologize for the last minute cancellation.

We will attempt additional outreach in the community and hope for a better turnout/more proposals for an upcoming meetup.


@rahulporuri I think we should start sending confirmation emails to speakers & attendances before a day, I think we canceled the meetup of nov at the last minute. coordinating with these emails would help us & we could add this to the registration page as well. want to know your thoughts?

also, will there be a December meetup in hyd, I don’t see any Post-it, if there is an event we could start discussing & organizing it effectively.