FOSS United Hyd Oct 2023 meetup

The October meetup for the FOSS United Hyderabad meetup group is tentatively scheduled for October 14th 2023, Saturday from 3-6 PM.

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Sai Rahul, if you are from ananatpuramu want to connect of some FOSS thoughts



Let me know if you looking for a venue for this. I am looking to get some of my colleagues from Hyderabad to contribute to these efforts.

I’m excited to announce that the venue for FOSS United Hyderabad October meetup is


Broadridge, Location

Heads up to interested meetup attendees. For this specific instance of the meetup, given the Broadridge office security policy, we will need to record

  • name
  • organization
  • email
  • mobile number
  • vehicle no. (optional), if you are planning on reaching the venue using your personal vehicle instead of public transportation
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I recently shifted to Hyderabad from Anantapur. I’ve messaged you. Let’s find time this weekend to have a chat about FOSS.

Hi @rahulporuri I am Mustafa, it was very interesting to be a part of first foss meet-up in Hyderabad… i would like to be a part of foss volunteer for Hyderabad.
If you need any help please contact

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Thanks @Mustafa_Ahmed ! You can join the Telegram group - Telegram: Contact @fossunitedhyd - if you want to volunteer organizing the meetup group.

My slides:

Quiz results: Slido Event

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The meetup is already behind us but this was the planned schedule for the event

The draft bill can be found here -

The feedback/response by the Internet Freedom Foundation can be found here -

Examples of Dark Patterns, additional information regarding them, existing laws in various jurisdictions around the world, and specific examples can be found here -

Postmortem report for the second FOSS United Hyd meetup

The Awesome

We were originally hesitant to do a meetup with just 3 speakers and a vague open discussion slot but it turned out great. We were able to give the speakers some lenience on the duration of their talks which was overall positive. We also had a lot of time to network. We spent the first 30 minutes networking (3-3:30 PM) and an additional 30 minutes during the coffee break (4:30-5 PM). Everyone in the audience briefly introduced themselves during the first 30 minutes, which greatly helped during the second networking session during the coffee break.

We’re seriously considering allowing speakers to do 30 minute talks (including a Q&A session) and the longer networking breaks.

The Good

  • The three talks that we had were very well received. There was a lot of interaction between the speaker and the audience during and after all of the talks. Overall, i think each talk ended up taking 30 minutes (3:30-4 PM, 4-4:30 PM and 5:10-5:40 PM)
  • Like the last meetup, very low effort meetup. There was a reasonable amount of effort to find speakers for the meetup and having conversations to try and convert some to submit a proposal but apart from that, we didn’t do a lot of social media outreach, we didn’t do a lot of design work etc
  • We ended up ~32-ish audience members, 5 of whom were women. Very similar numbers to the September meetup
  • Overall, the audience seemed interested in attending the next meetup in November, which was announced at the end of the meetup

The Bad

  • Everything was a bit last minute. The schedule was announced on Friday because we were waiting for a potential speaker to submit a proposal, who in the end was unable to propose because of unplanned travel. Funnily enough, the unplanned travel was cancelled at the last minute and the speaker ended up attending the meetup!
  • We allowed registrations until 12 PM Saturday which caused unnecessary confusion with the Security team at the venue. The speakers weren’t included in the list originally so an additional email needed to be sent regarding them and additional signups at the last minute needed intervention by one of our contacts at the venue
  • We again ended up with 0 proposals from women so we had no women speakers at the meetup
  • we’re not sure how many students attended the meetup


(In addition to takeaways from the Sep meetup)

  • Consider allowing longer talks i.e. up to 30 mins including Q&A session. Especially for experienced speakers, who are capable of engaging the audience
  • Consider keeping the first 30 minutes for audience introductions. This really helps with networking during the coffee break
  • Close RSVPs atleast 1 day before the meetup, especially for venues that have stricter Security requirements
  • Close CFP on/before the Monday of the week of the meetup, to allow more time for the internal review team to vet the proposals
  • Talk to ITTV and the venue hosts to consider making them a regular presence at the meetups

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