Proposal for Introducing the FOSS Awards by FOSS United Foundation


The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) movement has been a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and freedom in the software industry. To recognize and celebrate the outstanding contributions of individuals, teams, and organizations to the FOSS community, the FOSS United Foundation proposes the introduction of the FOSS Awards. I’m thinking about having the FOSS Awards ceremony as the last event of day 1 (October 28th, 2023) of IndiaFOSS 3.0 Conference.

Objective of the FOSS Awards:

  1. Recognition: Honor the exceptional work and dedication of contributors to the FOSS ecosystem.
  2. Motivation: Encourage more individuals and organizations to participate actively in FOSS initiatives.
  3. Awareness: Highlight the significance and impact of FOSS in the technology sector and beyond.
  4. Community Building: Foster a sense of unity, appreciation, and mutual respect within the FOSS community.

Award Categories:

  1. Best FOSS Project: For projects that have shown innovation, impact, and community engagement.
  2. Outstanding Contributor: Recognizing individuals who have made significant contributions to FOSS projects.
  3. Rising Star: For newcomers who have shown immense potential and enthusiasm in their FOSS contributions.
  4. Best FOSS Community Initiative: For initiatives that have fostered growth, learning, and collaboration in the FOSS community.

Nomination and Selection Process:

  1. Open Nominations: Allow community members to nominate deserving candidates for various categories.
  2. Expert Panel: Constitute a panel of FOSS experts and veterans to review nominations and shortlist finalists.
  3. Community Voting: Let the FOSS community vote for their favorites among the finalists.
  4. Final Decision: Combine community votes with the expert panel’s scores to determine the winners.


  1. Awards and Trophies: Design and manufacture unique, memorable awards for the winners.
  2. Travel & Accommodation: Travel and Accommodation expenses for the award winners


The FOSS Awards by FOSS United Foundation aim to not only recognize excellence but also to inspire a new generation of FOSS enthusiasts. By celebrating the achievements of our community, we hope to pave the way for more innovations, collaborations, and successes in the world of open source.

Please share your thoughts or comments by replying to this post. We’ll open the nomination by 30th Sept. 2023, Saturday 12PM, after considering the comments.


We also need a category for “FOSS in Government.”

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FOSS Awards Nomination is live. Open till 14th Oct 2023. More details on the form.

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Updated the category options:

  1. Best FOSS Project
  2. Outstanding Contributor (Male)
  3. Outstanding Contributor (Female)
  4. Rising Star
  5. Best FOSS Community Initiative
  6. FOSS in Government
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Please find the updates on FOSS Awards on a different thread - FOSS Awards 2023.

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