PuneFOSS 2.1: Coming Soon!


This year our plan is a bit different. The idea is to have new members ( Asit Sonawane and Ramsha Ashraf ) as organisers for PuneFOSS 2.1. Both of them have been part of the team organising previous city conferences in Pune and have an experience managing large-scale meetups and events. Their fresh perspectives and enthusiasm will help us make the conference much more better. I will be there to support them whenever necessary to ensure the event runs smoothly.

The tentative date that we have decided for now is August 24, 2024. Please find the initial budget details here. Obviously, it needs to be approved before we move ahead, so we invite to review the same.

Looking forward to work together to make PuneFOSS 2.1 a memorable event!!!


Hi Faizan,

Glad to hear about this. The budget looks good.


As discussed on telegram, let’s not make it a student only event. Looks good otherwise!


I’d like to help however possible, as always.

Feel free to ask any FOSS Club SIT members for help! They would love hands on opportunities to work with experienced organisers.