[Request for Comments] FOSS United Public Policy Roadmap for FY 24-25

Why do you see this as an either/or kind of proposition? Can’t we do both?

This is an issue I’ve been meaning to talk about since quiet some time. I do not wish to further derail this conversation but find it really upsetting that we as FOSS United have paused project grants.

Firstly, I strongly believe policy initiatives at FOSS United should continue. We have got some great members in this community thanks to the GCPP program. We’ve also been one of the only organizations in India to make a small chunk of the population to care about public policy. I’m still not sure if we require another umbrella to actively carry out the work, but the awareness and outreach should definitely be done under FOSS United.

This debate has gone way off track for me to be able to comprehend anything or contribute more. But since the topic of project funding has come up ill give my two paisa in a seperate thread.