Announcing FOSS United Platform

For the last 3 months, we’ve been actively building a platform for FOSS United, that wholely represents our community, and brings together everything that we do under one umbrella.

We intended to release a public alpha version by 7th of February, but had to be pushed due to several hinders. Finally, now we are ready to release our first alpha version of the platform, with some features that were felt needed for this inclusive community.

Link to Platform:

For this release, we have:

  1. FOSS Profiles

    • Sign up to the platform and claim your unique public profile, that represents you in the community.
    • Add information about experience, education etc., showcase projects and add external profile links.
  2. Community profiles for Clubs and City Communities

    • Profiles pages for each community showcasinf active volunteers, upcoming events, social handles etc.,
  3. Event pages and Management

    • Event pages that include all elements connected to the event - details, forms, schedule, etc

    • Event CFP and RSVP submissions, review for proposals, event notifications.

    • Ticketing support for hosting paid events like conferences

    • Enables communities to host their events fully decentralised.

  4. Major redesign for all public pages

  5. Restart of FOSS event grants workflow though platform.

    • Tentative date for opening applications - TBD


We will be working on tying some open ends, finish some WIP features, standardise styling and fix bugs.

Action Items:

  1. Send emails to the existing signed-up users of to create profiles on the new platform.
  2. Onboard all community leads and update community profile pages.
  3. Work on some WIP sections.


Help us with feedback and suggestions to make the platform better by replying to this thread.

  • Report issues or add feature requests and suggestions on our repo.

Closing Note

The idea of this platform came from @rushabh, around 7 months ago, and since then efforts were put to bring this project together, but it was a month after IndiaFOSS 3.0, development became more focused, structured and consistent.

@Harsh_Tandiya , @mangesh_x0 and I, mentored by @Hussain_Nagaria, worked on it, and we are happy to announce the first alpha release. In this process, we are exploring to slowly evolve as a small tech team.

Special mention to our design team - @Ajzal, @JESWIN_JOSE and @Jess who helped with the designs and assets.

Special mention to Maharshi Patel, Abhinav Raut, @Krutika_Thakkannavar and many others who helped us in between.