Announcing: The first IndiaOS grants

IndiaOS’s first chapter opened as a conference, but we intent to make it much more than a conference, a broader platform for fostering and supporting FOSS ecosystem and its peripheries in India. As @rushabh said, FOSS needs not just appreciation, but support.

To kick start this effort, ERPNext Foundation and Zerodha, under IndiaOS, are awarding a cash grant of Rs 1 lakh each to two participants that we believe are doing, impactful work.

  • Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF)
  • Biswas (Kerala Rescue)

We hope to expand the grants program, and also build other means of supporting FOSS projects going forward.

Congratulations to the recipients!


Congratulations to the recipients and appreciate ERPNextFoundation and zerodha for the initiative.

Github also has a concept of sponsors, which is yet to be available in India. Once that is available in India, I think zerodha developers who have github projects under their handle should benefit immensely :slight_smile:

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A big thank you from IFF. We have listed the IndiaOS grant on our organisational supporters page and undertake to utilise the grant money effectively and with accountability. This is as per an organisational donation policy we created about a year back,

If there is any feedback, please as always feel free to reach out to me or any of the IFF team members!