Applications for second batch of CFP Review Volunteers are now open

Volunteer as a CFP reviewer for FOSS United events. Apply to help us select proposals that align with our mission and values.
Application Deadline - 18 December,2023

You can find the talk proposal guidelines for FOSS events here


If you are interested in being a reviewer, please keep the following in mind

  • proposals from multiple cities will be directed towards the review volunteers for review
  • the week before the meetup is usually when the city teams share the proposals
  • there are usually 4-8 proposals that need to be reviewed
  • two or more cities might host meetups on the same weekend so it is possible that > 10 proposals need to be reviewed within a few days
  • subjective review comments are preferred over a simple accept/reject
  • overall, expect to spend ~ 5-10 hours a month
  • overall, there could be 5-10 reviewers but usually, 3-4 are needed to review proposals for one meetup

Deadline to submit your applications is 18 December,2023