Bengaluru FOSS May 2023 Meetup

Date: Saturday, 20th May 2023
Time: 2 PM
Venue: Razorpay

You can also check out past talks here


Presenting you all the Panel Discussions on
“Nurturing FOSS: A Community Effort”
at our FOSS United Bangalore May meet up with
Dr. Kailash Nadh, Nitin Kumar, Sudhanshu Yadav, Meenu Makkar, Tapas Adhikari and
Krutika Thakkannavar


We are super excited to announce the full talks and speakers for FOSS United Bangalore may meetup.

Growing India’s FOSS Community by Vishal Arya

How I Built An Alt Text Generator To Improve Web Accessibility by Aditya Oberoi

A glimpse into the world of unix init systems by Siddarth Tewari

Launch of Samaaja - FOSS for Location Based Citizen Engagement Services by Gauthamraj Elango

Exploring Resumability: How it makes Instant Loading Apps Possible by Kedar Basutkar


Here are the lightening talks and speakers for FOSS United Bangalore may meetup!

Genesis Project : Bridging the Gap between Tech and Social Development by Riya P Mathew

Hacking Hackathons by Anushka Bhagchandani

Unveiling the Journey of “Chakde System Design” and the Vision for the “Frontend System Design” Community by Chirag Goel

FOSS at Universities in the 2020’s by Anirudh Rowjee

Maximizing Agility with Feature Flags by Shreya Prasad

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I missed to RSVP. Can I attend the event?

Hi sorry the RSVP is closed. Do join in our next meetup :slight_smile:

The anniversary special May meetup talk recordings are now posted on our YouTube channel!
Check it out here.

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