Bhasha Research Project

About Bhasha Research:
Bhasha’s special interest has been the Adivasis, whose national population is about 104 million(Census 2011), and the nomadic and denotified communities, whose population is estimated at 60 million. Bhasha is engaged in bringing a greater appreciation of the cultures of these two social sectors and ensuring their entitlement to constitutional guarantees and social security.

As a part of our NPO Support, FOSS United is helping Bhasha with the migration of their existing CMS platform to ERPNext. We will also be configuring the accounting module to help them with their finance management.

So far we have moved 90% of their content to ERPNext website module. The remaining are the following:

  1. Adding all the images to the website module.
  2. Moving ebooks to Bhasha Archival web page.
  3. Razorpay - ERPNext Integration.

Next Action item:

[ ] Get all the archival images from the Bhasha team.
[ ] Upload all the images to the website module.
[ ] Get all the archival e-books from the Bhasha team.
[ ] Adding all ebooks to Open library:

  • [ ] Find the format of the ebooks file to upload all the ebooks through a script. Need help from Kaustubh/Frappe dev for this.
  • [ ] Teach Bhasha team how to create the prepare the data once the format is identified.
  • [ ] Upload all the ebooks to open library

[ ] Embed all the open-library-ebooks to the website module.
[ ] Razorpay account to be created by the Bhasha Team.
[ ] Razorpay integration the ERPNext
[ ] Demo how to use e-commerce feature to the Bhasha Team.

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In-Person Meeting
Venue: Bhasha Office, Vadodra
Date: March 14, 2022
Attendees: Sonal, Vipul, Suvarchna, @WishArya


  • [ ] To finalize the design for the website
  • [ ] Merge five different websites of Bhasha into one
  • [ ] References for the website design:
    a. Sahapedia
    b. Tara Books
    c. Pari Foundation
    d. India Foundation for the Arts
    e. Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology

To-Do for Bhasha:

  • [X] Get all assets/documents from previous website manager

To-Do for Vishal:

  • [X] Create web templates for various sections for the website
  • [X] Re-design the landing for 5 pages:
    • [X] Bhasha Research
    • [X] Adivasi Academy
    • [X] Archive
    • [X] PLSI
    • [X] Publication

Website content structure -

Landing page idea:

  1. Hero slider for 5 web-pages

Offline Meet on 16-02-2022

Present: Madan Meena, Vishal Arya

To-Do/Requirements for Vishal

To-Do/Requirements for Madan Meena

  • [ ] Background images for landing page hero slider
  • [X] Create an account on

Update: 24-03-2022

  1. All the Ebooks have been uploaded to using a python script
  2. Sanjay from Bhasha is adding the archived ebooks to the website
  3. All the archived images are ready to upload to the website. Web templates and dynamic categories wise image view page are ready.
  4. Training of Bhasha Archival project champion (Sanjay) is ongoing.
  5. E-commerce of Bhasha is ready to use -
  6. Training of e-commerce project champion (Surbhi bajaj ) to manage the e-commerce system is ongoing.
  7. Need to buy a domain for e-commerce, Madan suggested

Call with Kaustubh:


  1. Link each image to their description
  2. Search feature on e-books

ToDo for Bhasha:

  1. Book cover to have to fix the width and height