Can I contribute to my own project in FOSS Hack?

Heya Open-source Lovers,

Hope you all are going well.

I am a python developer as well as one of the open-source contributors.

I have come across the FOSS hackathon recently and gone through the rules as well.

I just have one doubt.

Recently I have published the Alpha version of my Python software package - eduAlgo on PyPI(Python Package Index), which is under MIT license.
My doubt is can I bring this project to the hackathon and contribute during the hackathon time? Because ultimately it’s open-sourced and I am developing it as a long term project to make Data Structures and Algorithms learning easy for programmers.

Please look into the project documentation as well and let me know, I will be obliged.

BTW, keep promoting opensource, you guys are doing a very great job 🙏.

Have a Good Day.
Abhijit Tripathy

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Yes, that should be fine.

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I have been meaning to ask this too, glad I got the answer :slight_smile:

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In such a scenario, what is the judging criteria? Are they evaluated for the changes that they add on 12th and 13th or is the project evaluated as a whole?

Yep, the quantum and quality of the work done on the hackathon days. Will add this clarification to the rules page.