Consolidating chapters, IndiaFOSS and Mon School

Currently we have 3 platforms -, and At some point, it would be great to merge all the 3 platforms into one mega platform that would help the community connect all activities like:

  1. /chapters - list of all chapters.
    • /chapters/mumbai - Mumbai Chapter
      • list of admins, members
      • list of upcoming and past events
      • join chapter: get notified for events
      • for admin: create a new event (city level conferences and meetups merge here)
  2. /events - list of events
    • /events/indiafoss/2023
  3. /courses - online courses (mon school)
  4. /grants - list of grants and grant applications
  5. /policy - list of policy initiatives
  6. /partners - list of industry partners, benefits and application to become a member
  7. /members - list of members, benefits and apply (and pay) to become a member
  8. /jobs - list of open tech jobs
  9. /blog
  10. /about
  11. /newsletter

I am willing to volunteer for this. @WishArya @mriya11 - let’s do a 2-3 day sprint in Mumbai for this (?)


If you put mon school under the FOSS United domain name, there might be a (unnecessary?) constraint in course creators’ mind that it has to be related to FOSS and restrict the ideas and contributions

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Sounds a nice project, as we pitched in.

We can set a timing by mid-July, after exam schedules maybe?
It will give us ample time to set the design and get the pre-work done.

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Don’t think it makes sense to merge into the FOSS United website. It’s something that can run and grow independently. Maybe another org or community will take it over. It’s also a brand that can meaningfully exist independently. Also, from a product perspective, it’s better for it to be independent without being shoe-horned into the foundation’s brand and website.


I’m in if volunteer help is needed.

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@asd @knadh - At this point, IMO we don’t have the bandwidth to run separate brands. Our events is the best “product”, best if people discover other services we can offer on the same platform.

I am willing to help - I think we can achieve a lot in a 3-4 day sprint. Will leave the decision to @WishArya and @mriya11 :smile:

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Mon school is running as a separate brand for the last ~2 years. Most of the engagement happened when Anand spend full-time running the cohort, activities.

I agree with @rushabh about people (mostly students) discovering the course if we integrate it with

If we want to create another brand, then it’ll require a full-time effort (another org or community) as @knadh mentioned. As we’re starting our college club activities, events and courses on the same platform might be easier for students to learn, participate in events, and create a profile.

Integrating != merging. Integrating meaningfully is absolutely fine. But killing and merging the platform onto the foundation’s website, I don’t think that is a good idea.

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We had discussion with Vishal Arya around 2 months ago on host of topics

one being, mon school, happy to manage it and add more content…this can support some rural jobs for kids or housewives…and we can spread it district level colleges.
C. Happy and ready to take over MonSchool and run it as we add below

  • for (samskrtam, bharatiya ganitam, sss value based education, holistic health)
  • for university rural kids and rural housewives (free upskilling on cyber security, accounting , IT SW/HW/OS, Agri analytics, Sustainability etc ,) towards demigration"
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Thank you for having the call.

With regards to Mon School, our aim is to add more courses and increase their adoption among students (both school and college level) as well as other participants. To start with, could you possibly connect with individuals who have created courses before or those who have a passion for teaching?

The person creating the course should also share the course outline or any updates on our community forum. This will help garner feedback from the community and improve the course.

What do you think?

not sure of what you ask

for these are passionate trainers and teachers who dont need anynones approval for their course…in health, sanskrit etc., they have been delivering the courses

for cillege kids these are national experts who deliver their courses

they are already doing it else where…

we can close this thread :wink:

Feel to start adding content and use it to teach school kids and housewives.

On Monschool

usecases each is separate do not link them

#1… s3 will add content to enrich. do grant trainer profile access along with access to invite students…
share relevsnt end user and privacy agreements as content copy right or owner/responsibility is with trainer

#2…from our rural back office we can allocate resources to manage the lms platform on your behalf and costs/grants…this helps in bringing to life your platform and connecting to various schools and colleges…(we can add vglug into this course)…this helps in rural jobs from s3 perspective

#3…if you are open to cobranding/ip sharing and supporting with hosting…
S3 can share the responsibility and manage platform cybersecurity compliance and technical security…
take care to make the plarform financially sustainable…
offer our end user free probono courses on this platform…
if any donors want to support end user rural trsinings great win win as well to subsidize the final costs

@WishArya replied above ji


Maybe we could start with you adding a course to mon school, and we could see how you structure content and create engagements. To submit a course outline for review : check here

For now we would like to see if you can deliver quality courses and to do that please check out these blogs that give the specifics for the same:

There won’t be any need for desk access for this, and you’d also know how the course creation process works. Only if you are familiar with the course creation process, will you be able to navigate the platform, and then its further development and maintenance - not to mention marketing and engagements.

Please reach out to me in case of any queries, and let me know if when you’ve submitted an outline and if you need help with it.

A. i believe you are referring to recorded courses…self learning mode,

B. we currently use moodlecloud SCORM compliant FOSS system any case…we run live classes (not pre-recorded yet), and later the lesson plan, task and quizzes are added to the LMS for reference… our live classes are later supplemented with physical classes at colleges if needed


  1. Your submit course outline is not working for general access…
  2. Do you support uploading SCORM files on to your platform or export?
  3. Who owns the content of course? we believe in transparency and fairness just like any one else

some error for lms signup

Please post this to the respective forum -