[contrib-design] FOSS Pledge

The FOSS Pledge is an attempt by FOSS United to help companies reflect on their own usage of FOSS and make them aware of their dependency on the community and realise that FOSS as a community asset will only flourish when people care about it.

India is a thriving tech hub thanks to countless organisations building innovative technology on top of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) from across the globe. Indian developers represent one of the largest developer pools and yet, the number of FOSS projects that come out of India are abysmal compared to its global counterparts, and we rarely see technology-first companies acknowledge FOSS in their organisation. This simple FOSS pledge aims to serve as an impetus to organisations to start changing this status quo.

This will need some design help to make this pledge more appealing both for the website and a social card that companies can put on their social profiles.


  1. Overall branding for “FOSS Pledge”
  2. Website layout
  3. Social Card for someone who takes the pledge.

Contributions welcome!


Summary of discussion with Aarya Shah (volunteer)

  1. Pixel art + layout for home page
  2. Every company who pledges will have a page where the FOSS projects they use will be listed. e.g. fossunited.org/pledge/frappe
  3. A badge that can be used in the footer of their product / website “Built with FOSS”