[contrib-design] India Justice Report

At the conference there are many designers who were interested in contributing to design. Here is one project where we need help

A portal for India Justice Report is being built by @netchampfaris (this is pro-bono, as part of FOSS United). India Justice Report is the premier research of its kind which collects data from all states and prepares a comprehensive report for policy makers and public consumption. It is regularly quoted in media and columns

The goal is to build an amazing front-end design for this - Faris has already made most of the portal. If you are interested, please reply on this thread!


Interested. How can I connect & help you guys on this project?


Please refer to https://contrib.design/ to solicit design help on FOSS projects :slight_smile:


Intrested in the project. Open to collaboration.


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@Krutika_Thakkannavar - Unfortunately this project does not have a repo (it is just configuration on top of Frappe) - Maybe we can use this forum for soliciting more design help for projects that may not necessarily be about code?

I’d suggest we use [contirb-design] to solicit design help even if it isn’t about code but for FOSS in general. It’ll help in increasing the visibility of the tag and familiarise FOSS enthusiasts with it.