Design Library for FOSS Clubs

We’ve been experimenting with our design assets for the past few months. With the growing needs for design in the organisation, and in the community initiatives, it made sense to curate a collective resource that explains our design styles and branding.

Myself, Jeswin and Jessica who work with designs, planned this to be in stages - putting out the design elements in the community for our chapters and clubs to use, and adopt. Then slowly evolve it into community design projects.

Three major projects in plans were:

  • Make your own IndiaFOSS
  • ⁠Design Library for FOSS City Communities
  • Design Library for FOSS Clubs

Seeing a essential need of the hour, we published the first design project - Design Library for FOSS Clubs.

What’s inside the library?

  • Logo Specifications
  • Color Palette
  • Typography Guidelines
  • Pixelated Icons

Think of this library as a resource that enriches your design process. It’s not a set of strict rules, but rather a collection of elements that you can use to effectively communicate the spirit of FOSS Clubs.

PDF Version

How to contribute

We are figuring out a good workflow for the same. But as a first step:

  1. Duplicate the Figma design file.
  2. Make your changes.
  3. Get the link with a public view access and share it in comments.

Our design team will evaluate and merge it with the design file, attributing it to you.


great work with the designs as always!!