Discussion with ASPIRE and the path ahead

This is a summary of a call that me and @realvinay had with ASPIRe(https://aspire.ashoka.org/) team regarding how we can move forward in helping them implement and understand tech better in their cohorts.

  1. As been spoken by @knadh multiple times over, the idea of tech for NGOs, etc is and will always be about reducing tech barriers, and reusing FOSS tech that’s already there. We spoke about how we can introduce FOSS tech to their new cohorts, and work on designing solutions.
  2. We spoke about helping non-technocrats in reaching better problem statements, so that it is helpful to not only manage the project, but not overcommit to problems that can’t be solved by tech.
  3. One of our end goals for this would be a documentation of sorts, which would hopefully emerge over multiple conversations with social entrepreneurs. This should be a documentation that anyone can fall back upon to understand how much of their problem can be solved by tech that already exists, and is FOSS, without the needing of a handholding by a technocrat. Currently, this is one of the biggest barriers as most getting into this space either struggle with creating a viable problem statement, or sometimes are oversold on what can be possible with tech.

Will post more updates here, and hopefully viable and scalable tech problems can emerge to solve for us all.