[Draft] Key Responsibilities of Community Manager at FOSS United

Role: Community Manager
Type: Full Time
Location: Remote

Position Overview

FOSS United is looking to recruit an individual for community management. This person will be the primary actor to communicate the values and vision of the FOSS United Foundation to the FOSS community. This person will also engage with our online community to create real connections and spark meaningful interactions, as well as address our community’s questions and concerns.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Social Media Management - Posting content across our social media platforms and engaging with our online community on Telegram and Forum.
  • Newsletters & Blogs - Writing regular email newsletters detailing the FOSS United Experience, ongoing activities, and upcoming events at our organisation.
  • Communication with previous and new sponsors for our yearly hackathon and conference.


  • Reaching out to the developers’ communities to promote our events and other activities.
  • Reaching out to the students’ communities (colleges and schools) to onboard learners for Mon.School.

Community Engagement

  • Responding to messages and comments on social media channels, email, Telegram and Forum.
  • Building a relationship with students’ communities, keeping an eye on progress and helping them with the queries.

@WishArya I assume you have been doing these activities. If not this, what will you do? :sweat_smile:

Edit: As discussed:

  1. Ask people to post on the forum if the queries are general
  2. Be mindful of your time - don’t get distracted by Telegram too much!
  3. Take on a more ambitious project - like getting 100,000 students on mon.school as your personal goal!
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This is achievable, but I think I need help with coordination with the course creators, learners, mentors, and onboarding of the new communities.

During TinkerHub’s cohort, last year (~ 1,000 learners) Anand and I were tightly packed for 1 month. Some issues that we faced at that time:

  1. Thousand queries regarding the courses and in general.
  2. Handling issues with the platform.
  3. Onboarding new clubs
  4. Certificates

Find the detailed explanation of the program here: https://guttural-neptune-cb6.notion.site/Mon-School-2f8dfe6a348d430a85c113d8caa6cbc8

CC: @knadh @Anand.

As discussed with @WishArya and @knadh

  1. Vishal will continue to be the community manager - because he likes doing that.
  2. We will hire someone to drive mon.school - @WishArya will help in recruitment and has someone in mind.
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