Establishing a FOSS Community in my region

Hey, i’m new here and am a opne source and FOSS enthusiast. I want to establish / start a FOSS community in my city and conduct events. Is this possible if yes what all i have to do ?

Sorry about the late reply! The simplest thing to start out would be to organise a small meetup going to see how it goes? If you manage to find like minded people, you can slowly run bigger meetups and events.

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Sorry, got missed out.

The best strategy is the one @knadh mentioned. You can give a look out for FOSS enthusiasts in your circle, and try a check on our telegram group.

Once you’ve set a baseline and are in a mode to expand: say organise scale events, you can check our website to know more about our hackathon/FOSS events’ support.

You can reach out to for any query or proposal on this note too.

Ok Cool, I gotcha!