Foss Apps using - Waze CISF Format

Waze has this very popular data format - Closure and Incident Specification Feed[2], that is used for sharing the traffic data or obstacles on road or road closure etc with Waze. The data can be generated by any partner can be shared with Waze.

What I want to know is if there are other Apps or Services, Free and Open Source that use these feeds and show alerts[3]?

Of course I know partners can use Waze[1] Data feeds and integrated them into the apps. That has issues. One Waze is in the middle and hence you have to become partner. Agree to their T&S. I am looking for a service that will directly consume the CISF feeds from partner instead of going through Waze.

That way CIVIC partner, say Benagaluru Police or BBMP can publish these feeds. And it can be used by Waze and any other FOSS partners as well.

  1. Waze Data Feed specifications - Waze Partners Help?
  2. Waze  |  Google for Developers
  3. May be it can be converted into GeoJSON layer or GeoRSS or tile layer that can be used by the Apps like OSMAnd and others easily.