FOSS Club Leads - Onboarding Call

This topic has been created to share the MoM of the on-boarding call (21-09-2023) of FOSS clubs leads.


  • Welcome Notes
  • Quick Story of amFOSS
  • Brainstorming on Events and Workshop
    • Existing clubs can suggest list of events which can be conducted by new clubs
  • Funding and Support
  • Invitation for IndiaFOSS 3.0
  • Women’s participation. Ruchika from the FOSS United volunteer team will be joining.
  • Handbook for the club members.
  • Open Discussion

To-Do for the leads

  1. Setting up the team
  2. First FOSS club event. It might vary college to college. We’re open for suggestions.
  3. T-shirts to be sent to the leads. Need to collect their address.

This batch will set the foundation for our future FOSS clubs in India. FOSS United and first batch leads (14) will work together to make sure together we can bring the FOSS culture in more and more colleges in India.


Are there any FOSS Clubs in/around Hyderabad? What all cities/colleges are FOSS Clubs in at the moment?

want one at Rayalaseema region,

take lead and start

Ah, no. Not in this batch. We finalized one for the interview round. But he didn’t show up :frowning:

Here’s city-wise count of the selected 14 leads:

Delhi/NCR: 1
Mumbai: 2
Kharagpur: 1
Kalyani/Kolkata: 2
Kochi: 1
Trivandrum: 1
Bangalore: 1
Pune: 2
Bhilai: 1
Palakkad: 1

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[MoM] FOSS Clubs Leads - On-boarding

A day before the Onboarding Call, I was sitting casually working in the office and Vishal asked me “Do you want to join the Club Lead Onboarding Call tomorrow?” and I was like why not? I was very excited to join but wasn’t able to ask Vishal at the first place.

The on-boarding call was scheduled with over 15 selected leads from various cities across India to promote and empower FOSS in their college clubs. The Club leads are selected from cities like Pune, Bhilai, Kharagpur, Chennai, Kalyani, Palakkad, etc.

  • The Meeting started with an introductory presentation by @WishArya (which he created an hour ago with a sip of coffee).
  • After introducing himself and the others Vishal Arya made an announcement saying “It’s time to reveal the FOSS Clubs Logo”. Including me all of the other members in the meeting were excited and yes, the suspense was increasing more and more.
  • The making of the logo was kept secret by both @WishArya and @mriya11 gotta say, it was a good surprise for everyone.
  • Checkout the FOSS Clubs Official Logo
  • Appreciating all the efforts taken by Vishal, Riya and all the designers.
  • Vishal shed light on why FOSS United is taking this initiative and what are the roles and responsibilities of a Club Lead. In what way, the Club lead need to help everyone in their college learn FOSS?
  • The FOSS Handbook, Roles and Benefits, and Women’s Role in the Clubs was all discussed altogether while Vishal was giving his presentation

  • There was a lot of interaction going on between Vishal and all the Club leads regarding help needed from the FOSS United Foundation so that the club leads could make their college authorities understand how FOSS is beneficial for everyone in the institute/university.
  • Folks asked questions about how they can get in touch with other communities in college being First Year Students.
  • Vishal assigned himself with a couple of ToDo’s including Official Letters for Club Lead Selection and a document explaining how FOSS will benefit the University/Institute and the Students in the Club.
  • The QnA session with Vishal lasted for almost 1 hour and 15 minutes until Riya and I decided to interrupt them because it was already 9:30 PM.
  • All the Club Leads are planning to have the first Kick Start Event of their respective Clubs in the first week of October.

Introducing Code Charades

Riya had planned for a Code Charades Game with the Club leads where all these bad actors had to act and others were to guess the word from their acting.

All the Club leads and everyone enjoyed the game and had a lot of fun in the onboarding call.


FOSS Club SRM - Onboarding Call


Same as leads’ onboarding call

Updates from the lead

  • The core team has been established.
  • Onboarded a Faculty Advisor for the club.
  • Officially establishing the club once college reopens so we can get due permissions from the HOD.
  • First FOSS event is on October 19.We have invited @iamimmanuelraj to give a talk on FOSS and his open source projects.
  • The team is ready to switch to Linux based operating systems as well, we’ll organise a mini Linux workshop for them in October end, and then a Linux Installation Fest event in early 2024 once the team is comfortable with Linux installation, troubleshooting etc.
  • Starting out with creative coding, self hosting etc. and later on conducting events and workshops on these.
  • The team has requested sessions from people who made it to GSOC, MLH and other such programs to get to know more about the application process etc. Please reach out if you know someone who can give a virtual talk on the same.

ToDo for the lead

  • Get necessary permissions for officiating the club
  • Prepare a 3 month plan for the FOSS Club
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Mukti the FOSS Club of Ramaiah Institute of Technology

  • Mukti is a recognized club of Ramaiah Institute of Technology.
  • We are backed by the CSE department of the college.
  • We have a guiding mentor assigned to the club.
  • We have partnerships with companies like Deeproot Linux and MostlyHarmless.
  • We are affiliated with communities like FSMK (Free Software Movement Karnataka).
  • Mukti consists of two established core teams with 20 members in the core.
  • Our community comprises over 200 members overall who share our passion for FOSS and collaborative initiatives.

The structure of our core is as below:

Senior core team - Prathmik
4 - Technical Team
2 - Creative Team
2- Documentation Team

Junior core team - Dwitiya
4 - Technical Team
2 - Creative Team
2- Documentation Team

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Core team

  • 9 members: 4 first years, 1 second year, 2 third year, 2 fourth years
  • Selected with a quick test and informal interview for each one
  • No fixed roles for the core members, they can volunteer for whatever stuff they like
  • Faculty advisor selected
  • Onboarding call over, made them aware of FOSS

Status as on October 2

  • Core team selected
  • Got permission from HOD and principal
  • Onboarding call over today, talked about future events
  • First event on October 3, talk by Vishal DS to introduce everyone to FOSS
  • Next event is likely on November, talked about ideas on the call


Core Team Structure

After call for interested students a core team was formed for the club.

  • 8 Members
    • Myself & 1 MTech (2 male)
    • 2 Second Year (1 male & 1 female)
    • 2 Third Year (1 male & 1 female)
    • 2 Fourth Year (1 male & 1 female)
  • 2 Faculty Advisors
    • 2 CSE Department (2 Female)

Events Planned So Far

No tentative dates have been decided but we got plans (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

  • FOSS Orientation Session
  • Expo of FOSS projects and demo of fun & useful open-source tools
  • Session on open-source Cybersecurity Tools
  • Linux Installation party
  • Introduction to Docker, ContainerD, Kubernetes
  • Introduction to CI/CD and session on Jenkins
  • Discussion and session on OSINT
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The core team has been selected with currently 7 people from first year on board. Official permission is awaited.
Further, it is discussed that a git event will be organised first for the core members and then an open to all workshop within this week.
The official introduction of the FOSS club with address to the crowd. The team members will then be selected by a small quiz based on their understanding from the event.
A Linux installation workshop will also be organized in the span of two weeks where difference between Linux and windows and the preferable conditions where Linux is used will be discussed.
The first feedback form to review the club for the members will be distributed. It will be a great initiative to welcome new minds for extra ordinary inputs.
Creation of 1 opensource project on GitHub will be initiated for the team members and will be a group work where it will be formed while club meetings.


appreciate if you can share cybersecurity session details…happy to contribute

we’ve just planned on the topics for the session, surely would make it known when we do the event or plan the content :sparkles:

Welcome to the heart of innovation and collaboration, the vibrant hub of FOSS Club IIIT Kalyani! :rocket:

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Core Team Structure

The establishment of the core team is presently pending, primarily due to unavoidable college activities, such as elections and mid-semester examinations. Nonetheless, we are actively involved in the process of selecting the core team, adhering to the following proposed structure:

There will be two main teams: the Core Team and the Member’s Team. The Core Team will consist of an equal number of individuals with expertise in the following domains:

  • Managerial Backbone
  • Tech Folks
  • Creative Ones
  • Word Spreader
  • I know everything

For each event, a unique combination of these core team members will be assembled into an Atomic Team and tasked with organizing the specific event. This approach ensures that multiple Atomic Teams can concurrently manage preparations for various events.

We initiated the submission of Core Team forms around October 3rd, and the submission window remained open until October 18, 2023, due to the aforementioned reasons. Over 50 individuals completed the form, with some expressing interest even after the closure. Currently, we are in the process of conducting interviews for Phase 1. Our goal is to select approximately 15 members for the core team and 5 for the members’ team from the first round of interviews.