FOSS Club Leads - Onboarding Call

[MoM] FOSS Clubs Leads - On-boarding

A day before the Onboarding Call, I was sitting casually working in the office and Vishal asked me “Do you want to join the Club Lead Onboarding Call tomorrow?” and I was like why not? I was very excited to join but wasn’t able to ask Vishal at the first place.

The on-boarding call was scheduled with over 15 selected leads from various cities across India to promote and empower FOSS in their college clubs. The Club leads are selected from cities like Pune, Bhilai, Kharagpur, Chennai, Kalyani, Palakkad, etc.

  • The Meeting started with an introductory presentation by @wisharya (which he created an hour ago with a sip of coffee).
  • After introducing himself and the others Vishal Arya made an announcement saying “It’s time to reveal the FOSS Clubs Logo”. Including me all of the other members in the meeting were excited and yes, the suspense was increasing more and more.
  • The making of the logo was kept secret by both @wisharya and @mriya11 gotta say, it was a good surprise for everyone.
  • Checkout the FOSS Clubs Official Logo
  • Appreciating all the efforts taken by Vishal, Riya and all the designers.
  • Vishal shed light on why FOSS United is taking this initiative and what are the roles and responsibilities of a Club Lead. In what way, the Club lead need to help everyone in their college learn FOSS?
  • The FOSS Handbook, Roles and Benefits, and Women’s Role in the Clubs was all discussed altogether while Vishal was giving his presentation

  • There was a lot of interaction going on between Vishal and all the Club leads regarding help needed from the FOSS United Foundation so that the club leads could make their college authorities understand how FOSS is beneficial for everyone in the institute/university.
  • Folks asked questions about how they can get in touch with other communities in college being First Year Students.
  • Vishal assigned himself with a couple of ToDo’s including Official Letters for Club Lead Selection and a document explaining how FOSS will benefit the University/Institute and the Students in the Club.
  • The QnA session with Vishal lasted for almost 1 hour and 15 minutes until Riya and I decided to interrupt them because it was already 9:30 PM.
  • All the Club Leads are planning to have the first Kick Start Event of their respective Clubs in the first week of October.

Introducing Code Charades

Riya had planned for a Code Charades Game with the Club leads where all these bad actors had to act and others were to guess the word from their acting.

All the Club leads and everyone enjoyed the game and had a lot of fun in the onboarding call.