FOSS Club MITS - Updates


Core Team Structure

After call for interested students a core team was formed for the club.

8 Members
Btech & MTech (2 male)
2 Second Year (1 male & 1 female)
2 Third Year (1 male & 1 female)
2 Fourth Year (1 male & 1 female)
2 Faculty Advisors
2 CSE Department (2 Female)

Events Planned

3 Month Plan

FOSS Orientation Session (Completed)

Intro on Linux
Expo of FOSS projects and demo of fun & useful open-source tools

Session on open-source Cybersecurity Tools
Linux Installation party

Planned for later dates
Introduction to Docker, ContainerD, Kubernetes
Introduction to CI/CD and session on Jenkins
Discussion and session on OSINT


Session 1

Real life benefits and usage of Linux

This first session plans to introduce the participants to the wonderful possibilities of Linux, the session plans to guide the students through the essentials of Linux and provide them with hands on tasks to get involved with the operating system.

Agenda for the event

  • Give a brief intro on Linux and why it is important.
  • Firstly explain that Linux is a kernel (clear that myth), and intro the concept of shells.
  • Introduce students to Linux commands : ls, cd, mv, cp, touch, … and a few more basic commands,
    grep, cat, echo and how they work with each other with the help of the pipe and redirection operators
  • Intro to permissions and user management in Linux.
  • System management essentials, like htop, kill, systemctl,
  • Package managers concept briefing and demo
  • Start the tasks (which will be shared after the event), and small stickers to the students who complete the same.

Poster link
:mega: Join us for an exciting experience!

Hey there, students!

Get ready for a journey into the world of FOSS with MITS FOSS Club!

:date: Date: November 8th
:clock3: Time: Department Hour
:desktop_computer: Venue: FOSS Lab

Session Topic: “Real life benefits and usage of Linux”

Why should you join us?

  • Learn about the world of Linux
  • Discover how Linux can benefit your projects
  • Get hands-on experience with FOSS tools

Let’s embrace the power of open-source together!

Don’t miss out on this adventure!

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Updates from catch-up call #1

Attendees [ Ansh, @wisharya , @glitchyi ]

Updates from the club’s end

  • Two events have been conducted so far
  • Unofficial introductory event was organised to give an intro to FOSS, structure of FOSS club. The event went well and people were interested overall and also enquired how to join the club.
    There are 3 FOSS communities in the campus - Muthoot FOSS,ICFOSS ,and FOSS Club. This may create some confusion among students.
  • Second event - Intro to Linux conducted with a turnout of 40-50 people. The event was organised in a computer lab which had Linux preinstalled, and participants worked on hands on activities to perform a set of tasks. Teams were given points and FOSS stickers.
  • The participants were very energetic and responsive

Future plans

  • Linux Installation Fest
  • Online workshop on being planned in feb
  • A FOSS project showcase/expo is also in the planning
  • Beginner friendly OSS projects to work on, (telegram bots, club website)
  • FOSS handbook was shared with the team
  • Happy to host a FOSS hack local edition


The core team hasn’t been able to give much time so far because of exams/assignments

Support from FOSS United

  • Speakers/Resource persons to conduct events/workshops.
    The club will reach out to folks at FOSS United Kochi, they have been attending FOSS meetups previously as well

Club Event Plan Update January - February

Due to examinations most of the events planned during November and December have been postponed to these months.


  • Good Development Practices and How To Learn Them (Event is planned to be conduced on 30th)


  • React - a practical introduction
  • Introduction to Open Source Cyber Security Tools
  • Discussion and session on OSINT

Plans to also conduct the FOSS project showcase/expo

Planned for later Dates (These events will be planned according to the examination timings)

  • Linux Installation party
  • Introduction to Docker, ContainerD, Kubernetes
  • Introduction to CI/CD and session on Jenkins

Proposal for OSM Mapping Party at MITS Campus


The primary objective of this project is to create a comprehensive and accurate digital map of the Muthoot Institute of Technology and Science (MITS) campus on the OpenStreetMap (OSM) platform. This open-source mapping initiative will not only enhance the visibility and accessibility of our college but also contribute to the global mapping community.


  1. Formation of a Task Force: A dedicated team of approximately 20 students from the FOSS club and the Civil Engineering department will be assembled to spearhead this project.

  2. Data Collection: The team will systematically collect data on various features of the college campus, including buildings, roads, footpaths, landmarks, and amenities, using GPS data from mobile device which can be collected by traversing the college premises and short surveys.

  3. Mapping: Utilizing the collected data, the team will create detailed maps of the college campus on the OpenStreetMap platform, accurately positioning each feature and ensuring that the map reflects the current layout of the campus.

  4. Verification and Quality Assurance: Once the initial mapping is complete, the team will conduct thorough verification to ensure the accuracy, consistency, and completeness of the maps. Any discrepancies or errors will be promptly corrected to maintain the integrity of the data.

  5. Integration and Accessibility: The finalized maps will be integrated into the OpenStreetMap database, making them freely accessible to the public. Additionally, efforts will be made to integrate the maps into college websites and mobile applications for easy access by students, faculty, and visitors.


  1. Practical Experience: Students involved in the project will gain hands-on experience in data collection, mapping techniques, and quality assurance processes, which are valuable skills in the fields of geospatial technology and civil engineering.

  2. Collaboration and Networking: Working collaboratively with peers from different departments and clubs will provide students with opportunities to network, exchange ideas, and develop teamwork skills.

  3. Contribution to the Community: By mapping the college campus on OpenStreetMap, students will make a meaningful contribution to the global mapping community while also enhancing the visibility and accessibility of our college.

  4. Recognition and Achievement: Students who actively participate in the project will be recognized for their contributions, both within the college community and in the broader mapping community.

  5. Empowering College Projects: The accurate and up-to-date mapping data generated through this project can be leveraged to support various initiatives and projects within the college, such as campus navigation, event planning, facility management, and emergency response planning.

Core Group:

The core group for this project will consist of approximately 20 students, with the following composition:

  • 10 students from the FOSS club, with expertise in open-source software, data management, and collaborative platforms.

  • 10 students from the Civil Engineering department, with knowledge of surveying, mapping techniques, and geospatial technologies.

  • This composition will be changed upon interest from student from other departments. To ensure all those who are passionate and interested get an opportunity.

  • 2 faculty coordinators, one from the FOSS club and one from the Civil Engineering department, to provide guidance and oversight.

Duration and Expenses:

The project is expected to span over a duration of 1-2 days, with the following estimated expenses:

  1. Providing refreshment for students participating in the survey process: Approximately ₹300 (This it to ensure none of the students suffer from any problem due to heat or tiredness after survey).

  2. Miscellaneous expenses: Approximately ₹200 for printing certificates, stationery, other incidental expenses.

Total estimated budget: Approx ₹500

we would like to request FOSS United to sponsor an amount of Rs 500 towards our forthcoming event in view of providing certificates to all the participants. Furthermore, we were interested in exploring the prospect of acquiring swag items for our core team, comprised of 7 members, alongside stickers for distribution among event participants.


The proposed project to map the MITS campus on OpenStreetMap presents a unique opportunity for students to gain practical experience, collaborate across disciplines, and contribute to the global mapping community. By leveraging the expertise of the FOSS club and the Civil Engineering department, this initiative will not only enhance the visibility and accessibility of our college but also empower various projects and initiatives within the campus. With a dedicated core group and a well-defined methodology, this project has the potential to deliver significant benefits to our students, faculty, and the broader community.