FOSS Club TSEC - Updates

This forum thread contains information about the FOSS Club TSEC, one of the 12 clubs established in the first batch of the FOSS Clubs program by FOSS United Foundation.

The purpose of this thread is to post updates on the club’s activities, event plans/reports, and projects undertaken by the club.

Team Structure (Flat Hierarchy)

  • Technical: 4
  • Outreach: 3
  • Creatives: 1

(Proposed team structure, subject to change over time)

3 Month Plan


  • Club permission and paperwork (completed)
  • Club annual planner proposal (awaiting response)

November (no activity due to end-semester exams)


  • Flyers, Social Media PR, Chat App Forwards
  • Core Team interviews and recruitment
  • Orientation: What is FOSS United, followed by FOSS Philosophies.
  • Open Source Programs seminar (GSOC, Outreachy, etc)
  • Weekly FOSS Projects social media posts


  • Offline: Linux Installation Party
  • Offline: Git and Github workshop


  • Virtual/In-person Follow-up to Open Source Programs seminar
  • College-level mentors and mentees building open-source campus solutions.