FOSS Conference Standards

FOSS Conference Standards

FOSS Conference Standards are guidelines for organizing FOSS conferences. They promote inclusivity, transparency, and eco-friendliness. FOSS United offers guidance and resources to help organizers meet these standards and provides grants and sponsorship for compliant events.

  1. Communication: The organizing team can start by creating a Telegram group or any forum of choice, having all the volunteers or key volunteers in the group.

  2. Talk proposal committee: A few FOSS developers are volunteering to review the talk proposals for the conference. Once the CFP is closed, the volunteers will review the talks within a week and share the selected proposals with the organizing team.

  3. Design: FOSS United will provide branding guidelines and design templates from previous events to ensure consistent visual branding across conference materials.

  4. Event Grant and Ticket Charges: FOSS United will grant 25K to the organizer to host the event. We’ll also transfer the ticket amount we receive from participants, after deducting 10% as per tax laws. We’ll also provide a sponsorship template which can be used to reach out for sponsorship.

  5. Partnership: Encourage the organizers to collaborate with the local community to spread the word. FOSS United will share a community partnership template with the organizer to create their own partnership document.

  6. Eco-Friendly: Encourage eco-friendly practices for conference materials, such as using zero plastic, cloth banners instead of vinyl, asking participants to bring their own reusable water bottles, and using paper cups instead of plastic cups. At FOSS United we hand-draw the banner over a cotton cloth.

Important Links:

  1. How to Submit a Talk Proposal for a FOSS Conference?
  2. Tasklist for Conference Organizers [Quick Guideline]
  3. Telegram group for queries
  4. Conference Organizer Handbook
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Talks have to be informative and based on the work done by the speaker or expertise of the speaker in the given talk. The talks should be about:

  1. Introducing a FOSS project, or a new version of a popular project
  2. Tutorial about using a FOSS project
  3. Contributing to FOSS
  4. Technology architecture
  5. Engineering practice - tools,
    productivity, debugging
  6. Technology / FOSS licenses, policy
  7. Story of a FOSS project / contributor

Speaker requirements:

  1. FOSS contributor (OR)
  2. Expert in the topic
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