FOSS for social good / NPOs

We at Project Tech4Dev have been working at the intersection of open source, technology and NGOs for the past few years. We have and/or support quite a few open source platforms including:

  • Glific - A two way communication platform on WhatsApp Business API
  • Avni - Community service and data collection platform for non-profits
  • Aam Digital - Easy-to-use Case Management for the Social Sector
  • Development Data Platform - Just starting this development with a few pilot NPOs to help them aggregate data from multiple sources and analysis/visualize their data set.

We are looking for good folks to help us with our projects. We have our job postings on the FOSS Jobs. We are looking for backend and frontend developers, data engineers and data scientists. We have got a fair bit of philantropic support (including FOSS United) and can pay reasonably well for the social sector.

We are a small team, but move at quite a fast rate. Our tech stacks include: Elixir, Python, React, TypeScript, Postgres on AWS/GCP. We also meet once a quarter in a good semi-rural location. You can read our blog posts on our Dehradun Sprint

Send me email (lobo at yahoo dot com) or ping me on telegram if interested. Happy to chat more.