FOSS Hack 2021: Results

FOSS Hack 2021 was a very exciting event for all the organizers as much as it was exciting for all of you. We are very happy to see many interesting projects coming out of the hackathon and we hope to see these projects maintained and improved over time.

The jury has evaluated all the submitted projects and selected some based on various factors, including technical complexity, completeness, product thinking, utility and viability. Out of all the submitted projects, the 12 projects that were selected are featured here.


mquictt by Abhik Jain and Devdutt Shenoi - ₹1,00,000:
A Rust library for MQTT over QUIC, leveraging the concurrent streams of QUIC to multiplex the MQTT publishes and subscribes within separate streams per topic.

Jury Note:
The jury thinks that this project is technically complex and quite ambitious. It has the potential to become the defacto library in the ecosystem.

Varnam Input Method for Mac by Subin Siby - ₹1,00,000:
Easily type Indian languages on any app in Mac natively using the Varnam transliteration engine.

Jury Note:
The Jury acknowledges the importance of this project as it has a large utility for Indian users, a space that is quite underserved. Also, the developer of this project has been working actively on this project for quite some time.

Diode By Akash Hamirwasia - ₹50,000:
Diode is an easy to use API proxy to hide your API secrets and add common middlewares without implementing a backend!

Jury Note:
Very well thought out project with nice UI/UX and a complete product.

DigiStore By Hussain Nagaria - ₹50,000
A self-hostable platform to list and sell digital assets like e-books, audio etc. Open Source Gumroad!

Jury Note:
It is not very easy to set up a self-hosted/opensource online store even in 2021. Hussain has not only made a well-polished product that can be used as an online store, but also demonstrated that this kind of project can be executed very fast with Frappe framework.

OpenAuthenticator by Pranit Chadda, Aaryak Garg, Arsh Kohli, Paarth Chhabra - ₹25,000
A simple open-source, cross-platform, TOTP-based Authenticator for desktop

KnowledgeBase.Tech by Gigin Chandy George, Vinu TV, Vignesh Hari, Bodhish Thomas - ₹25,000
Modern open-source knowledge base using markdown

epub2sphinx by Allwin Raju, Nihaal, Aswin C, Aravindhan Pugazhendhi - ₹25,000
Tool to convert epub file to ReST files for Sphinx

Planarity by Asmita Hase - ₹25,000
A puzzle: Arrange the given graph such that the edges intersect only at the vertices

Canned Analytics in Avni by Vinod Deolal, Vinay Venu, Arjun Khandelwal - ₹25,000
Introduce canned analytics in the field work and data collection platform Avni so that users get some basic reports and insights out of the box when they design their own custom MIS using Avni and start using it.

Joy(x)p5js by Anushka Trivedi - ₹25,000
providing joy, a tiny creative coding library, as a port to p5.js

GramUp by sunithvs, SANU MUHAMMED C, Rohit T P - ₹25,000
GramUp is a lightweight python program to backup your files. GramUp enables you unlimited cloud backup and easy restore functionality and that too for free. With GramUp, monthly bills for cloud storage will be a thing of the past.

Certificates Ninja by Adithya Menon S, Bhuvanesh T G, Kumaraguru - ₹25,000 is a free and open-source web application for event organizers to easily create ‘immutable and tamper resistant’ certificates powered by Blockchain and NFTs.

Jury Note:
The jury acknowledges that doing a good presentation is as important as implementation and congratulates the Certificate Ninja team for their efforts in making a great presentation in addition to building a good product.


Cuckoo Dooku by Vignesh Palanisamy, Omkar Pote, Raghav Singhal
A browser alert extension that helps you develop a healthy work routine. Cuckoo Dooku reminds you to chill out, stretch, drink water and be the best version of yourself!

Rabbit Hole v2 by Anirudh Varma
Rabbit Hole is a browser extension that tracks your journey through Wikipedia to create a map of your knowledge base.

dtcalc by Julin Shaji
A command line tool written in Python to find the difference between dates.


A big thank you to our sponsors for funding the grant and prizes and making the event possible.

Closing Note

Of the ₹14 lakhs that our sponsors contributed, the prizes total up to ₹5 lakhs. We are allocating the remaining funds to our FOSS grants pool. If you have a FOSS project and you would like to have financial support to continue working on the project, please apply for a grant.

Thanks a lot to everyone who participated, all our partners and the volunteers who made this event possible.

We hope you all continue to carry this sprint of hacking and sharing!

Update [by @WishArya ]: The project Cuckoo Dooku was finalized by the jury to be added to Commendation, but it was added to Prizes by mistake on our end. We’ve updated it to rectify the error.


Congratulations to all winners. For the sake of transparency, can you also add who the jury members were?


Kudos to all the participants and the winners.
This is a great step in the direction of building the Indian FOSS community.

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