FOSS Hack 3.0 Plugin events/activities

This year FOSS Hack is in-person+online hybrid and our reach has increased much more since last year. There is scope to do more during the hackathon.

This is an open thread for suggestions of events that we can do during the hackathon. Could be in-person or online.

As a general guideline, suggestions should promote “hacker culture” and be inclusive.
Ideally, the suggester should be ready to own its organisation.

It might not be possible to have cash prizes for such activities, but we can arrange for some swag.


I’ll start with one of the ideas I’ve had for some time.

We should reward makers of whacky hacks with titles of honour (and swag?).
As hackers we aren’t just interested in what solves a problem, but also in how it does that.

Examples of whacky hacks that command respect from other hackers:

  • projects made in node.js but without dependencies (no node_modules)
  • projects made using (relatively?) esoteric languages: assembly, brainfuck, haskell, etc.
  • projects that use technologies in questionable ways, but ultimately solve the problem (