FOSS Hack localhost - STIST Thriuvanthapuram

The FOSS Club at St Thomas Institute for Science and Technology is hosting a FOSS Hack local edition in Thiruvananthapuram this year. The college has given two rooms: the board room and the girls common room for conducting the hackathon for 36 hours.

Venue: A block, STIST, Thiruvananthapuram
Nearest bus stop: Narikkal
Nearest bus station: Pothencode
Nearest railway station: Kazhakuttam railway station (KZK)
Nearest airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport



This is the current rate of the food. The amount may change later.


  • Lunch - Saturday: ₹100
  • Dinner - Saturday: ₹50
  • Breakfast - Sunday: ₹40
  • Lunch - Sunday: ₹110

All meals are supplied from college canteen, which is managed by a nearby restaurant


All amounts are estimates

  • Saturday midnight: ₹50
  • Drinks: ₹50
  • Other snacks: ₹40

Cost for one attendee: ₹440
Total cost (assuming 50 hackers, 15 organizers & volunteers, 2 mentors): ₹29,480

Budget doc (subject to change): FOSSHackThiruvananthapuram - Budget - Google Sheets

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