FOSS Meetup - April 2021

April FOSS Meetup will happen on 10th April 2021 from 2 - 4 PM.

List of speakers

This is the list of final speakers for the April FOSS Meetup.

Interested in speaking at our upcoming FOSS Meetup? Please leave a message in this thread.

@WishArya I’d like to do a small talk on Self Hosting applications (for personal use). A bit more context on

  • Why I self host?
  • Considering different ways to host
  • A bit deep dive into my current setup of self hosting apps (DO server, Nomad/Consul cluster)
  • Storage considerations, Backups etc
  • Some ideas to self host userful applications (from

Would love to hear the community feedback about the proposal :smile: Anything you’d like to me to change in the above list of topics that I intend to cover, please let me know.


Hi @mrkaran, We will be glad to have you as a speaker for the April Meetup. The list of topics seems interesting. I am adding you to the list of confirmed speakers :smile:

I hope 30 minutes will work for you.

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RSVP for the meetup at

Link to join the call -

One piece of feedback I’d like to share is that there should be a dedicated Q&A section after every talk. Having it async in the chat box isn’t ideal.

@vjFaLk The idea sounds good. From next meetups onwards we can create a separate discussion thread here on forum for each of the talk, but will people be able to participate on two separate screens (one on BigBlueButton and second on forum discussion) ? Right now it’s easy for participants to chat on a single screen.

I think didn’t explain very well. I’m suggesting a 5-10 mins Q&A section after every talk where people can unmute and ask questions. But I like what you thought of as well but as a post meet-up forum discussion which would also have links to resources.

@vjFaLk We ask our speakers to keep 5-10 mins for the QnAs, but I feel 30 mins is not enough for them for the presentation and QnAs. I think we should invite only two speakers from next meetup? That will give us time for QnAs. What do you say?

Btw those who missed this Meetup here is the recording -

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You guys could try that. Also less people for you to get for the talk and also manage.

Yes. @Anand what do you think?