FOSS Meetup Chennai : June 2023

ChennaiFOSS meetup will happen on 3rd June 2023, Saturday.

If you want to speak at the meetup, please reply to this thread with the following details:

  1. Topic Name.
  2. Brief about the topic (with a link to the project/source code).
  3. Expected duration of your talk (20ish minutes).

Venue: TBA
Time: 3-5 PM

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There have been some changes in the timings for the upcoming ChennaiFOSS meetup on 3rd June:

Time: 10AM - 1PM
The venue has been finalized at Vellore Institute of Technology - VIT Chennai
Kelambakkam - Vandalur Rd, Rajan Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600127

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Hi, I would like to present talk on below

Topic Name: Self Host Your Localhost
Brief about the topic (PPT and project In preparation ).
Expected Talk duration: 20-30mins

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Do go through the following standards for submitting proposals for your talks!
The deadline to submit your CFPs is 30th May,2023

Sakhil, You can share the details of what you are planning to cover in your talk otherwise it’ll difficult to review and accept.

Ansh, please add a deadline for the CFP.

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Hey there, I’d like to present a topic
Topic Name : Making UI designers dreams come true with Flutter Web
Details Planned to cover:

  • Responsive & Adaptive Designs
  • Complex Animations & Reactive Design
  • Boiling down all animations to simple building blocks
  • Drawbacks and Limitations Of Flutter Web
  • Work Arounds

Project & PPT : Currently working on it, I’d be happy to throw together a really quick abstract if required.
Expected talk Duration: 15-20 mins


Personal Blog Setup and Self-host using Hugo and Github Actions. 1.pdf (54.2 KB)

Hi Vishal, please find the notes attached. I need to do a dry run with someone and need few debugs as well on this. but, this is the talk i would be doing on.

@Suslime here is the pdf.

Gentle Reminder the Call for proposal (CFP) for FOSS UNITED Meetup Chennai will be closing on May 30th 2023

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We request you to present all talks and sessions on FOSS Operating Systems only, do let us know in advance if you don’t have a FOSS OS so we can arrange the required system for you.

Hi Amara, it would be great if you can provide us with some reference material for your talk since the CFPs are closing soon and we’ll be starting the review process.

Hi yes I’ll send one before tonight, also I don’t have a FOSS OS, so I’d require a system with one.

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Flutter Web Complex UI CFP.pdf (46.2 KB)

Hey, please find the reference attached. The presentation will contain more specific snippets of codes well formatted, but otherwise the same architecture.


CFP - Working with serveless and supabase (Workshop)

:dizzy: Unleashing the power of supabase and serveless :fire:

Expected Talk: 50-60 minutes


Supabase is an innovative and powerful platform that brings together the best of serverless architecture and open source principles. It provides developers with a seamless experience for building and deploying applications, while eliminating the complexities associated with managing infrastructure and databases.

At its core, Supabase offers a suite of tools and services that empower developers to rapidly create scalable and secure applications. Leveraging the serverless model, Supabase abstracts away the infrastructure layer, allowing developers to focus on building features and delivering value to their users. The key idea here is to open our audience to the idea of supabase and get them started with backend-less apps.


  • What is a serveless ?
  • How can my life as a developer become easy if I use serveless ?
  • How does it work ?
  • How do I use it ? (Workshop: Live demo using Next.js :eyes: and Supabase-js

Project source :desktop_computer:

My Links :link:


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Hey everyone!

On the day of the event, we were planing to do a workshop on Novu, an open source infrastructure for building projects. It’s helps to integrate your project with email, sms etc

You can get an idea from YouTube link and the GitHub link below:
YouTube: Integrate Novu into your MERN Stack application - YouTube
GitHub: GitHub - FidalMathew/TodoNotify: TodoNotify is a MERN stack application that simplifies the work environment. It enables us to manage your team efficiently by notifying workers about the latest updates/tasks through email notifications.

We are having some slight changes to it. And like, we’ll be utilising the contributions from the users to give them notifications randomly.
Please let me know your views about this.

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Title: DevOps and IoT together: Challenges and Future

Duration: 45 minutes


The Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the way we interact with technology and the world around us. From smart homes and wearables to industrial automation, IoT devices are becoming increasingly prevalent in various sectors. At the same time, DevOps practices have gained significant traction in the software development industry, enabling teams to deliver high-quality applications at an accelerated pace.*

However, when it comes to developing and deploying IoT solutions, traditional DevOps approaches often fall short due to unique challenges posed by IoT environments. This session aims to explore these challenges and discuss how DevOps principles can be adapted and extended to address the specific requirements of IoT projects.

Key topics to be covered:

  1. Introduction to DevOps and IoT
  2. Challenges in combining DevOps and IoT
  3. Best practices for DevOps in IoT
  4. Future trends and possibilities:

By attending this talk, participants will gain valuable insights into the unique challenges faced in combining DevOps and IoT, and learn practical strategies to overcome these hurdles. They will also have an opportunity to explore the future trends and possibilities in this exciting domain.


Slide Link

My Social Links


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Thanks for the proposals, please note that we only have one slot for a workshop which will be held in collaboration with GDSC VIT Chennai.

Apart from that we only have slots currently for speaker talks which are ~25 mins. Please let us know if you can manage to complete your sessions within the given timeline, else we will not be able send these proposals for review this time.

Hey Ansh, thanks a lot! So I can take up the talk on DevOps and IoT and finish it off in 25 minutes.


I am not sure if I would be able to do that!