FOSS Meetup: Jan 2022

Jan’22 FOSS Meetup will be happening on 8th Jan 2022, Saturday, 2-4 PM.

If you want to speak at this meetup, please reply to this thread with the following details:

1. Topic Name (with the source-code link)
2. Brief about the topic
3. Expected duration of your talk (20/30 min)

02:00 - 02:10 Intro
02:10 - 02:40 FTD/FPM: Future Of Writing by @Amit_Upadhyay
02:40 - 03:00 DevToolBox by @nilesh
03:00 - 03:30 Varnam Input Method for Mac by @subins2000
03:30 - 03:45 Open Discussion


Hey Arya,

I am CEO and Founder of and we have built an open source language that we call FTD: site:, Github: FTD compiles to HTML/CSS/JS, and has good support for creating data driven UI components, and prose (so FTD is good for writing blog posts or technical documentation). We have also build FPM, a package manager for FTD, FPM can be used as a static site generator. Site:, Github:

We have been built these tools using Rust, and has been open source from day one, with extensive amount of documentation, journals, open roadmap planning and so on (checkout the roadmap/journal links in respective sites). We are also funded startup with full support from our investors to keep everything open source in cleanest way possible (no lock in, no privacy invasive tracking, no open core etc).

FPM was created out of a need that today it is possible to build software on top of open source libraries and tools, but books and documentation rarely include other open source book, since it is really hard to “package manage” other written content (markdown files, latex, word files, scattered hosting etc etc).

I would love to talk about it: “FTD/FPM: Future Of Writing”. Expected duration 30 mins.


Hello @WishArya, I am the co-founder of Detail about what we want to speak about -

  1. Repo Link -
    Topic Name - Open Source Product Analytics
  2. Topic Brief - Till now the product analytics tools have been closed source and with very less flexible opportunities to modify according to needs. There are multiple reasons having enterprise product analytics being open source:
  • Increase in privacy laws like GDPR/CPRA
  • Flexibility of configuration as you are not crossing internet boundaries everytime
  • Data egress cost
  • Data breaches
  • More control
  • Not just an alternative.

At a certain point of time, each and every organization needs to have its own customized suite of product analytics tool. Be it Airbnb, Uber, Practo - all of them built it internally. Existing tools can’t be long term. Fusion helps in powering product and growth teams.

  1. Expected duration of Call - 30mins

Sarvesh Dubey

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Hi @Sarvesh_Dubey,

Thanks for showing interest to speak at FOSS Meetup. I am curious about why Fusion has chosen Fair Source License.

Hey @Amit_Upadhyay, seems cool.
A question for you- What’s the difference between and
Does provide service on top of FTD?

Good question Arya,

FTD is like Rust, a language. You can use it standalone, very soon we will publish it on NPM, PyPI etc (whatever works well with libraries written in Rust). You can consider using FTD anytime you are using JSON/CSV/Markdown/HTML/CSS/JS (limited JS, you won’t make GMail using FTD, but many websites have basic/presentational JS need, drop down menu, tab bar etc, all this can be done with FTD, if not now, very soon).

FPM is like Cargo, a package manager that you install on your machine to work with FTD files as a package (again, you can use FTD independently too if you wanted to).

We have another project planned, fpm-repo, which would be like or, a place where your FPM packages can be published and shared with the world. fpm-repo is in planning stage (actually its part of our existing monolith powering, we have to extricate it out in an open source, standalone package). With fpm-repo you will be able to self host FPM packages on domain of your choice (you can use FPM today with GitHub Pages/Vercel etc, but fpm-repo has lot more features, online editing, in built change request system, also FTD and FPM provide a lot of dynamic features like ability to query databases, call HTTP APIs during document processing, and none of these work with static hosting providers).

fpm-repo would be available in permissible license, open source, you can self host, or you can use, that’s the idea.

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@Amit_Upadhyay, Sounds good. I’ll send an invite having the talk slot timing and meeting link.


I’d like to give a brief talk on Varnam Input Method for Mac. Sorry I wasn’t able to join the last month’s meetup of FOSSHack participants. I’ve been working on the mac app since the hackathon and it’s now stable to use daily as an input method.

Varnam website has also been updated:

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I’d like to give a short talk about this app I’ve been working on:

Topic: DevToolBox (source code: )
Description: DevToolBox is a desktop app for Mac/Windows/Linux which provides developers a collection of offline utilities like Base64 Encoding/Decoding, JSON Formatting, JWT Debugging, JSON to/from YAML conversion etc. We should avoid using online utilities which can steal secrets and this is supposed to be convenient solution to this problem.
Expected Duration: 15-20 minutes.

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Hi @nilesh ,

Thanks for showing interest to speak at FOSS Meetup.

I have added your talk to the agenda:

02:40 - 03:00 DevToolBox

Hi Everyone,

adding comment as we discussed about participants can introduce ourselves.

Anant here
twitter: @anantshri
web :

Nandhini here…
twitter: @softwarmechanic

Hello everyone,
I’m Subin.
Twitter: @SubinSiby