FOSS Meetup - June 2021

FOSS Meetup - June 2021

Date: 12th June 2021

Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

List of Confirmed Speakers

If you are interested to speak at June FOSS Meetup. Please leave a message in this thread.


Hi Arya,

As discussed last month, I would like to speak in upcoming meetup with talk titled “Exploiting weak configuration in Cloud based Authentication and Authorisation services”.

Please let me know if FOSS accepts cloud security based topics.

Talk Duration - Minimum 40 mins + 5 mins FAQ

Pankaj Mouriya
Community Manager : null - The open security community

Hi @Pankaj_Mouriya,

Great to hear from you! Can you share the tools and technology that you will be covering in the talk?

Hi Arya,

Cloud services such as Amazon Cognito and Google Identity Platform.

Hi Vishal,
I am new to open-source (thanks to FOSS United for introducing me to this wonderful world last year.)

I have started a new open-source software project on GitHub. Since it is just starting, I would like to discuss the software architecture of the same with the community. Additionally, I would also like to draw attention to the project so that it can gain some momentum.

Here is the link to the Github public repo:

This project is a public interest project, although it has the future potential of monetization.

Technology stack:

  • Frontend: Not decided yet.
  • Backend:
    • Flask API
    • Hosted on AWS Lambda using Serverless Framework project
    • DynamoDB
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Hi @Avikalp_Kumar_Gupta,

You are welcome join the meetup and talk about your work. I am sure that folks at the meetup would love to discuss about your software’s architecture and help with other queries. Let me know if 25-30 min time will work for you.

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Yes, @WishArya, 25-30 minutes should work perfectly.

Here is what I have in mind:
I will talk about my vision with this project for the first 5 minutes. In the next 5 minutes, I can talk about my current decisions about the architecture of the project and the reasons behind them.

After that, we can have 15-20 minutes of proper, in-depth discussion on:

  • The various vulnerabilities of the current architecture, and how to mitigate them (~5-10 minutes)
  • Suitability of the current architecture to an open-source project, and what can be changed to make it better & cost-effective (~5-10 minutes)
  • Other suggestions, which can be helpful in making architectural decisions for FOSS projects in the future. (~2-5 minutes)

Let me know if this sounds good :+1:

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@Avikalp_Kumar_Gupta, Sounds good. I am adding your name to the list of confirm speakers.

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Hi there.

This is my first time here and I love the community.

I would like to speak about the Node.js framework I am working on Typetron: what is it, why it was created, what brings to the table and how it will try to change the web development. I will have a demo as well, of course.

Another subject I can talk about is: Creating an OO(Object Oriented) data validation system with Typescript decorators where we will build from scratch a library for data validation similar to Class Validators. It will be a nice exercise to learn about decorators in Typescript.

BTW. I am from Romania. What is the timezone for the meetup?

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Time zone is UTC+0530

(2h 30m ahead of Romania as per a quick internet search)

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Hi @Pankaj_Mouriya, the topics that you proposed are not FOSS, please propose tools that have a FOSS licence. We would love to hear you at July meetup.


I was suggesting that the data being scraped from ECI could be contributed to open data communities like or

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Thanks for the suggestion. I wasn’t aware of these communities. Wikidata says that is a knowledge base (so it sounds like it would benefit from the data from our service; although I haven’t verified).
But DataMeet seems to be collecting information for Data Science. I don’t believe that we are collecting that kind of data. The data that will flow through our application would just be the profiles and promises of the candidates. On the technology end, we might work out solutions to problems like:

  • Creating a method to map geographic location to actual democratic constituencies (there does not seem to be any existing digital way to do that. I could only find PDF maps of constituencies) <- if you know any source which does this already, please let me know
  • OCR-based methods to parse documents submitted to the ECI <- again, would love it if someone can direct me to any existing solutions for this. Much of the information is stored as scanned PDFs of documents with tabular data. These are incredibly hard to parse.

Some data, that might be relevant to DataMeet might be historical data of all elections, which might be able to easily generate once we have created the MVP. I am totally on-board about structuring it in a format that is easy to consume for computers and then submitting them to these sources.
Thanks :+1:

Hi everyone,
I am starting a discussion to get a survey of all the applications that have been built for making it easier for voters to evaluate their options while voting. I would very grateful to everyone if you could contribute to this thread with any solutions which you could find that tries to solve a similar problem.

Context: (This FOSS project: IndianVotingAssistant)(