FOSS Meetup Mumbai - November 2023m

The November meetup for FOSS United Mumbai is happening on 25 November 2023.
Venue: Clevertap, Malad West
Timing: 2:00PM - 5:00PM

We hope to see you there!


Call for Proposals for the November Meetup are now open!!

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FOSSUnited Mumbai November 2023 Meetup wrapup

The Awesome

The meetup began with a warm welcome to all attendees, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing within the FOSS community. The call for proposals this month was exceptionally unique and awesome, making it challenging for volunteers to select only a few from the CFPs. A brief snacks break followed after the first talk which served as a networking session as well.

The Good

  • All the talks were well received. The talks ended with interactions between audience, speakers and organizers sharing their experiences with the topic.
  • Although We had around 15-20 people only in this meetup, the audience turned out to be quite curious about the talks and their topics.
  • A Dev Sprints session was organised after the talks, where Sahil Sagwekar showcased the Paperless NGX project and his interest in it. More people shared their interests in various domains like open source hardware for 3D modeling - FreeCAD.
  • We had as much as 50% of the audience as students.
  • The venue organiser, Ranjeet from CleverTap also participated in Dev Sprints and interacted with the audience, showcased his interest in a few ideas he would like to work on.

The Bad

  • Participation from women was a bit low, hence we didn’t have any women speakers.
  • Things were a bit rushed, but we managed to start the meetup without much hiccups.


  • Making sure to release the next month’s meetup date in the current meetup itself.
  • Dev Sprints were really awesome. They allow more time for networking and discussing individual interests.
  • Co-ordinate with venue organisers and promote the meetup on socials and in Schools’ and Colleges.