FOSS Meetup: Oct 2021

Oct FOSS Meetup is happening on 09th Oct 2021, Saturday, 2-4 PM.


If you want to speak at this meetup, please reply to this thread with the following details:

  1. Topic Name (with the source-code link)
  2. Brief about the topic
  3. Expected duration of your talk (20/30 min)
  1. Zingg - open source deduplication and entity resolution (

  2. Real world data contains multiple records belonging to the same customer. These records can be in single or multiple systems and they have variations across fields which makes it hard to combine them together, especially with growing data volumes. This hurts customer analytics - establishing lifetime value, loyalty programs or marketing channels is impossible when the base data is not linked. No AI algorithm for segmentation can produce right results when there are multiple copies of the same customer lurking in the data. No warehouse can live up to its promise if the dimension tables have duplicates.
    In this talk, I will walk through Zingg, an opensource tool that can deduplicate data.

  3. 30 minutes

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I don’t know if the original post can be edited but the text and URL don’t match - the URL doesn’t exist because it looks like the link for the september meetup.

The correct link - (The text stayed the same, I just corrected the link).

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Link updated. Thanks for the heads-up.

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