FOSS Meetups Bangalore - 2024

January Meetup 2024

We’re thrilled to announce that the CFP for our January 2024 meetup themed “Empowering FOSS in Machine Learning” is now open!

Date: Saturday, 13th January 2024
Time: 2 PM




The CFP for our January 2024 meetup themed “Empowering FOSS in Machine Learning” closes in a week!

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The CFP for our January 2024 meetup themed “Empowering FOSS in Machine Learning” has been extended till January 4th!

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The CFP for our January 2024 meetup themed “Empowering FOSS in Machine Learning” closes tomorrow!

Here are the speakers for FOSS United Bangalore January meetup!

Orchestration in Retrieval Augmented Generation

ML Service Performance : Navigating Challenges with OLAF

Fine-Tuning MLOps: Deploy & Adapt

ML Model Security in Production

Building Multi-Tenancy RAG system with LlamaIndex and Qdrant

Qdrant: Future of search and beyond

February Meetup 2024

The theme for the February Meetup is “FOSS Workshops”!

Date: Saturday, 24th February 2024
Time: 11 AM



The CFP for our February meetup closes in a week!

Please note a change in the timings for our February meetup.
Time - 11 AM IST
Date - 24th Feb
Location - Smallcase

The CFP for our February meetup closes tomorrow!

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The video recordings of our January meetup are now available on YouTube!

We are delighted to announce that Nemo will be facilitating the “FOSS Workshops” based on the topic ”My computer, my data, my code - liberating your data from user-hostile apps”!



By FOSS United Bangalore Team

Theme: Empowering FOSS in Machine Learning


Total Attendees: ~76

Women attendees: ~9

Total Speakers: 6

Women Speakers: 1


  • Nasdaq provided a nice and spacious venue
  • Meetup started around 14:30 and ended by 18:00
  • The Speaker lineup was decent, covering topics that are on the hype train right now
  • Venue provided with professional photographers, which gave us nice photos we can use for different community pages
  • Venue also conducted a nice small interactive quiz along with prizes which stirred up the audience nicely
  • Break in the middle again proved to be nice for networking, there were engaging discussions everywhere
  • We were able to nicely convey FOSS United Plans to the audience with the help of Aakansha and Vishal
  • Small activities conducted by hosts prevent fatigue in between talks, we can continue on the same
  • Small bump in women’s participation and overall audience since the last few meetups
  • Nasdaq also gave gifts as a token of appreciation to all the volunteers and speakers
  • Fenil and Vaishnavi hosted very well, keeping the audience engaged throughout
  • Asking the audience to give a quick introduction and how they are using FOSS helps in engaging the audience before we start the meetup, thanks to Shrilakshmi, we have been doing this for the past few meetups.
  • The energy of the audience was good and we were able to have some buffer time for the audience to ask questions after the speaker’s talk.


  • There was a technical glitch at the start due to which the meetup was delayed
  • Diversity in the audience - more representation of women. We are doing better but we need to do better
  • There were some recurring technical issues when speakers were asked to come to speak, tech check might help us prevent that


  • A speaker was very poorly prepared and did not deliver much useful content despite having a nice proposal
  • The audio for the opening note didn’t come out well so we couldn’t upload it for this meetup.

All inclusive, it was a fun and engaging domain specific meetup with a targeted and engaging audience!


We are excited to announce that the CFP for our March meetup themed “FOSS For Everyone” is now open!

Call for speakers for the “FOSS for everyone” themed March meetup ends in a week!

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