FOSS Meetups Hyderabad - 2024

This forum thread contains information about the 2024 meetups of FOSS United Hyderabad.

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MoM + Notes Hyderabad Community Call [17/4/2023]

Attendees: Ansh, Cliford, Bharath, Dinesh, Sridhar, Ibrar, Karan

  1. We have a few venue leads, will follow through and reach out to more spaces. Lead: Sridhar
  2. Expected attendance and capacity planning is ~50.
  3. Action items: Reaching out to FOSS Contributors + professionals who use FOSS.
  4. Announcements and marketing updates will be done by Ibrar.
  5. Target date for the meet-up: Last Saturday of every month, but we’ll start with the first one in March, 2nd or 9th, and decide the frequency based on the activity.
  6. Designs will be made with templates, focus will be outreach and increased participation.
  7. Target: 2-3 Talks at the meet-up.

Hi Karan,
Is there a telegram group where I can see the updates on what events are planned? Or this thread would be the best place?
Please suggest.

Hey Anoop,

You can join the telegram channel here

We’re kick-starting the Hyderabad FOSS community again, announcing the first Hyderabad FOSS meetup of the year!

Location: Code For India Foundation, 3rd Floor, Serene Heights, Humayun Nagar Rd
Timing: 3PM-6PM

Day: 2 March, 2024

Registrations are now open. RSVP here!

Have something to share? Submit a talk here

We hope to see you at the meetup!

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