FOSS meetups in my city

Team - Im keen on organizing monthly FOSS meetups in my city - Coimbatore. To begin with, Im planning to use my office premises that can accommodate 12 to 15 people.

Please let me know if there is any due-diligence process involved. Also sensitize me on the ground rules. Thanks.


We don’t have a playbook on this yet. But just thinking out of my head:

  1. All the projects / talks have to be open source (avoid marketing / startup talks).
  2. Adopt a reasonable code of conduct to ensure safe environment for all participants
  3. Use some of FOSS United social media templates
  4. Post a review after the event.

@WishArya @knadh @mriya11 - any thoughts?

This is actually good to begin with.

For a start, we can keep a callout on our website, and then work on a playbook in process.

Thanks Rushabh for your inputs. Our work is going to be mostly centered around the adoption of FOSS in organizations. Every month we intend to pick one FOSS starting from Linux, PostgreSQL, Apache Web servers etc. and educate the community on how they can leverage them effectively for their business. We intend to get down to installation & do a quick walkthrough. We will also talk about the maintenance & support aspects. Along the way, we would like to invite Indian FOSS contributors to educate us on how we can use their creations.

And yes, we will keep the FOSS United community updated on our topics / meeting schedules etc. and share our learnings in the form of a short blog post submissions.