FOSS projects by the Indian Government

I’m trying to collect information about and around FOSS initiatives by the Indian Government. If you know of any, please comment below with a brief description and your opinion regarding the project.

I wrote a brief blog post on the Samarth eGov FOSS (not really FOSS) project -

FOSS projects by the Indian Government that I have come across are -

This topic is similar to existing Good Indian FOSS projects topic but we’re only looking at FOSS-funded by the Indian Government.

Hi ! Have worked alongside state/central govt. for tech implementation. Sharing a blog piece I wrote

Happy to connect and share more.

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I asked the same question in a different forum, where I was pointed towards the report. The report accomplishes what I was hoping to do by gathering the list of FOSS projects by the Indian Government.

@knadh @rushabh - you popped up in the acknowledgements. Do you see a need to dive deeper into to FOSS initiatives by the Indian Government?

For example, I was appalled at the fact that the first item in the “Major FOSS Initiatives” page of the MEITy website is NRCFOSS, which leads to a broken link. The last working capture of that page on the internet archive is from Dec 2021 so I’m afraid digging deeper into Indian Govt FOSS will reveal a lot of ugliness.


Definitely. Ideally there should be an in-depth survey of FOSS use and practices within the government.

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Here is a good example of how an autonomous government body used FOSS (ERPNext) by building internal capability.