FOSS United Events Design Templates

Hello People, FOSS United Chennai Team has created a Template file by adding all our creatives till last meetup. We will be keep adding our creatives in this file that is attached below. Feel free to duplicate and use it for other chapters.

  • You can see assests that holds the design assest that is used for our creatives.

  • Templates page contains the Design templates.

  • Finalized page is where you can copy a template and customize as per you need.

  • Some of the old creatives may not be aligned properly, so please check the design before posting.

  • We have made libraries in the file with brand colors and text styles to make you creations easy to stick with th brand guidelines. Text styles contatains Special Heading to small regular texts and color libraires contain FOSS United brand colors.

Template File : Check Now

Make sure to duplicate the file before using.


Thanks for compiling everything and sharing this Hari, this will help other chapters a lot.
@Ajzal we can include these in the cityFOSS design kit as well!


Yeah Sure @ansh, and the design’s looks really cool @Suslime :100: . great job curating it into a Figma File and sharing it with the Community :heart:.


Its all about the team work :heart:


Thanks for making these design templates public! FOSS United Delhi team will be using these from now on.