FOSS United Organisation Video

Hey there!

It’s been an awesome journey so far at FOSS United, and we figured it’d be a good idea to make a intro-video for the organisation. It will aid in spreading the word about the organisation, its vision and mission.

As of now, we have the following idea in mind:

A 2 Min video, simple transitions, minimal animation, calming + uplifting music, describing Free Open Source Software and it’s spirit very quickly, then moves on to introduce the organisation, about us, and what we’ve done so far, transitions to future goals. Some glimpses of our events, and then goes to a message by the people at FOSS United, and attendees either captured at the upcoming events in a near future timeframe, or the past events.

Keeping the spirit of Open Source alive, we want to accomplish this with the most amount of community input.

Please post your ideas, building on the above thought, or radically different. Help us make it witty, catchy, and engaging.

Some guidelines to consider:

  • When suggesting a video shot, describe it in fair detail, so we can understand your vision, also consider explaining how we can shoot it, or edit it, every small idea and input counts.

  • Suggest a transition, and animation for the intro, a storyboard flow of the video, and some scenarios we can depict.

  • If anything clicks related to open source, or the spirit of FOSS United, and you feel it’s relevant, append it here. We may not understand it outright, so please provide some context :-).

  • If you have watched the videos put up by FOSS United on our socials, or Youtube channel, and think it must be included in the video, please provide a link to the video, and the timestamp. Youtube allows to share video links starting at a particular timestamp. It makes it easier for us to sort through, and small things go a long way.

This is also an attempt for us to engage with more non-tech people who relate to the spirit of Open Source, and your contributions will be hugely appreciated.

We are also planning to make a standard video template, in which some text, and date can be modified, to promote events we support and organise. It’ll be mostly a project file, which can be edited by anybody, and shared to the media team of the events, more coming on this soon. …

Looking forward to your awesome inputs.