FOSS United Platform (FUP)

As the activites of FOSS United get more complex and scaled - specially events and chapters, we need a better way of managing the workflows. @WishArya @mriya11 discussed this with volunteers @NagariaHussain, Harsh, @mangeshrex1 on how we can get this done.

Currently is just a “configuration” on top of Frappe Framework and we keep on adding “features” on an ad hoc basis. This works for rapid prototyping but when the system gets sophisticated, it becomes hard to maintain and also for people to contribute / re-use some of the code.

All the new development will now be moved to an app GitHub - fossunited/platform: Platform and new modules will be built there.


  1. Make an app/repository of the code
  2. Start with Chapters and Volunteers module
  3. Move Conferences from fossunited/indiafoss to a module
  4. Create Hackathon module from customisation.
  5. Module owners
    1. Chapters - Harsh
    2. Volunteers - Mangesh
    3. Hackathon - Riya

Features / User stories

  1. Conferences
    1. IndiaFOSS
    2. CityFOSS
    3. FOSSHack
  2. Chapters
    1. Features
      1. List of members
      2. List of meetups
      3. Become a member
      4. Do a meetup
      5. Talk Proposal
      6. Register (RSVP)
      7. Reminder
        1. Send calendar invite as attachment
      8. Add to calendar
    2. Types
      1. City Chapter
      2. College Chapter
  3. Jobs
  4. Grants
  5. Pledge
    1. List as an NGO
    2. Post a Job
      1. Description
      2. List of volunteers
      3. List of updates
    3. Add yourself as as volunteer
    4. Get Notification
    5. Connect to NGO
    6. Post an update
  7. Members
    1. Apply for membership
    2. Payments
    3. Members list
  8. Partners
  9. Profile
    1. Points / Badges (gamification)
  10. Blogs
    1. Newsletters
  11. Courses (?)

Data Structures (DocType)

  1. Chapter Module
    1. Chapter
    2. Chapter Member (child)
    3. Chapter Event
    4. Chapter Event Member (child)
    5. Chapter Event Talk Proposal
    6. Chapter Event Participant
  2. Volunteering Module
    1. Non Profit
    2. Volunteer
    3. Non Profit Project
      1. Non Profit Project Volunteer
      2. Non Profit Project Update
    4. Non Profit Volunteer

Great this will streamline the process for everyone.

First Dev Stand-up for FOSS United Platform (30/06/23)

Action Items:

@harsh_tandiya :

  • Develop the Chapter Module - Chapter Members Doctype (started)
  • Implement the selection for college or city chapters.


  • The Volunteer Module
  • Create necessary doctype for NPO/NGO entities. (done)
  • Creation of doctypes for Meetup and Event Volunteer Submodule

@mriya11 :

  • Modify and add-on existing custom doctypes for the Hackathon module.(started)
  • Incorporate a web-view

  • These shall be the tasks for the weekend and deliverables for the upcoming stand-up on Monday.
  • Issues to be worked on are self-assigned with tasks.
  • FOSS United Platform · GitHub

@nagariahussain shall be reviewing the PRs, and helping out in case of need.


Would like to volunteer for the project, please let me know if I can be of any help.

Great to know that - Connect with me on telegram - @m_riya11
We can discuss more on this.

Platform Dev Update

  • @Harsh_Tandiya setup doctypes for FOSSUser, Chapter and Chapter Member

  • @mriya11 setup hackathon doctypes - project and member

    • To-do: Web-View (in progress - PR to be made after)
  • @mangeshrex1 - setup up volunteers’ doctype.

  • Discussed additional field entries for different doctypes.

  • Next standup (10/07) targets:

    • Harsh

      1. Chapter Event
      2. Chapter Event Member (child) doctype
    • Mangesh:

      1. Event volunteering doctypes
    • Riya
      1. Complete web-view and recreate template of FH3 for generic use.
      2.Create a project
      3. Join Project

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