FOSSHack localhost - SIT, Pune

Dear Hackers,

FOSS Club SIT at Symbiosis Institute of Technology is organising the Pune edition of FOSSHack 2024 in association with the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning @ SIT-Pune, and FOSS United.

Venue: Seminar Hall, 5th Floor, AIML Dept. @ Symbiosis Institute of Technology, Pune
27 July 2024 → 28 July 2024 (Saturday and Sunday)
Duration: 36 Hours
Participants Limit: 100 Slots

Contribute to FOSS projects and win a prize pool of 10+ Lakhs

Stay tuned for registration and other details
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Total Attendees:- 120

  • Cost per attendee for meals:- ₹266.0
  • Finalized Total Cost:- ₹49,920.0 (inclusive of merch - shipped by FOSS United and emergency fund)

FOSSHack budget SIT Pune

How To Reach The Venue

We encourage every participant to follow the code of conduct to help create a positive atmosphere, and we look forward to seeing you at FOSSHack Pune!

Code Of Conduct

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