GoFr Collaboration with FOSS

I am one of the maintainers of Go Framework for microservices. GoFr.
We have recently open-sourced it.

We would like to explore ways how we can collaborate with FOSS to make people aware about it.

Website : https://gofr.dev
Github : GitHub - gofr-dev/gofr: An opinionated Go framework for accelerated microservice development


We are discussing with different college clubs to conduct workshops on Introduction to Go & GoFr, and as FOSS already has a community built, we would like to leverage it.

Our workshops are structured in the following way:

  1. Introduction to Go
    • Hello World Program
    • Data Type, Functions, Methods
    • Methods vs Function
    • Writing REST Api Service
    • SQL Integration
  2. Introduction to GoFr
    • Why GoFr?
    • Sample-Api
    • SQL Integration

Target Audience: College Students, Developers

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Hi Aryan, where are you based out of?

Currently, we have 6 active city chapters (BLR, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kochi) and 12 college clubs across India . You’ve already conducted a workshop at OSDC (FOSS Club Noida), we can explore similar initiatives at our other clubs as well.

Delhi/NCR: 1
Mumbai: 2
Kharagpur: 1
Kalyani/Kolkata: 2
Kochi: 1
Trivandrum: 1
Bangalore: 1
Pune: 2
Bhilai: 1
Palakkad: 1

Additionally, @NagariaHussain ,will you be interested in a collaboration here?

We are based out of Bengaluru.
I have two options in mind making sure everyone irrespective of their location get to know more about it -

  1. Online Event
  2. We train at least 2 people from each of the clubs and help them with the assets needed, and they conduct offline events at their respective campuses, and we would be helping them with everything needed.

For the locations we can conduct offline event, where Go Developers and GoFr maintainers would be directly reaching.

Such that in spite of location each and every member of FOSS gets to leverage the benefits.

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We are based out of Bengaluru.

@Het_Joshi Would you like to invite folks from GoFr to the MSRIT campus for a hands on workshop? (since you requested that)

Online Event

Sounds good, If Hussain is interested, this can happen as a BWH session (https://www.youtube.com/@BuildWithHussain

Happy to coordinate an online session for the club leads as well otherwise.

Additionally, you can check the https://mon.school/ program by FOSS United

Sure, let’s do it! @Aryan_Mehrotra feel free to drop me an email at hussain@frappe.io or TG: @NagariaHussain and we can plan an episode soon!


Thanks Ansh for the lead. @NagariaHussain reaching out to you on mail.

Can we create a group or how we can discuss it will all the club leads?

Sure will do add content related to GoFr

Can we create a group or how we can discuss it will all the club leads?

Will discuss this individually with the club leads in our catchup calls and get back to you.

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Sure, Thanks

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Yep I will ask the College and get back to this.
From what Im aware January and February our college is busy with exams so if anything this would have to be during December last week or in March


@ansh Do we have any other FOSS events planned where we can talk about GoFr?

Online, not as such.
Events are regularly updated here

This would be great. Go is one of those languages which are quite untouched in my college. Would be great to get a chance to learn and promote it. I’m down for it. @ansh @glitchyi
Although, since we are having winter vacations right now, the event, be it online or offline would be best if conducted in January or February.


GoFr Collaboration With FOSS Clubs from MITS and IIIT Kalyani - Call

Attendees - @Aryan_Mehrotra @Subroto_Banerjee @glitchyi

Topics discussed

  • Introductions
  • Why GoFr over other Go Frameworks
  • What GoFr needs from the clubs
  • About workshops : Workshops would involve talking about Basics of Go, Basics of GoFr, and building a simple REST API
  • Discussions on when sessions can be conducted : @glitchyi has winter vacations right now, there will be examinations in January, also a lot of college activities are already planned for upcoming months so he will give tentative dates around end January.
    @Subroto_Banerjee also has winter vacations going on this month. Will be able to tell about dates by first week of January. As a lot of events and Hackathons are already planned for February in West Bengal Region in addition to college examinations, deciding a tentative date would be best once semester schedule is received.
  • Deliverables from GoFr - session for club members to be prepared for the workshop, stickers, goodies, maybe GoFr team can also join if distance and schedule permits etc.
  • @glitchyi Suggests to conduct session during technical conference they are gonna organize. He also mentioned that students also need to be taught the prerequisites before they can attend GoFr workshop. Hence suggests an Online Session Before the actual GoFr session to prepare the students.
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@ansh @wisharya If we have upcoming Foss meetup in Bengaluru, I can try co-ordinating to get Zopsmart Office in HSR as the Venue.

Looping in @Aakansha_Doshi , organiser at FOSS United Bangalore.