Golang Learning resources

Someone was asking for good resources to learn golang.I am looking for suggestions from the community here. What is your recommendation

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Go as a languge is dirt simple. The syntax and the broad concepts can be picked up in days.

https://tour.golang.org is an excellent interactive start. https://play.golang.org is a good sandbox for learning. Go’s official docs are also very easy to follow.

These are all you really need to get started, and after that, good old Googling.

@knadh, has clearly stated the most useful links required to start on Go and gain expertise. Once you have started on Go and wants a code editor on your system, go with

  1. Atom or
  2. Visual Studio Code

For Atom you will find the build that includes Go. For Visual Studio Code you may have to install an extension that supports Go.
If you are looking out for books then buy ‘The Go Programming Language’ by Brian W. Karnighan and A.A. Donovan

I’ve been collecting some learning resources (books, courses, blogs and more) for Golang over here: https://learnawesome.org/topics/0b09e728-15a1-439a-8e02-d6871aca912b-programming-languages-go