Guidestar India Project

Guidestar India (GI) is India’s largest and most reliable NGO information repository. Their portal is India’s most exhaustive, fully searchable database of reliable and comparable information on over 10,000 NGOs. More than 1,400 of these organisations have undergone varying levels of due diligence forming India’s largest pool of certified NGOs. With another 60,000+ NGOs on our offline database and NGO due diligence solutions, we have brought down the cost and time of connecting with NGOs. GuideStar India is transforming how Indian NGOs report and share information, and, is changing the way people perceive, interact and engage with NGOs.

We are building a new system to help GI manage their NGO repositories using Frappe.

Present: Lathika, Pushpa, @WishArya

Here is the To-Do as discussed during the call today:

To-Do for GI:

  1. Merge all the filed in one sheet
  2. Get the storage requirment estimate from their tech team
  3. Data Cleaning
  4. Requirement Document

To-Do for FU:

  1. Start working on the doctype (system) according to the fields we have received from GI.
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We have created a site for Guidestar India on Frappe Cloud. Added all the fields in an object.

Next Action: Get on a call with the Guidestar India team to get their feedback and make the necessary changes,

Meeting update:
Date: 30-03-2022
Present: Pushpa, Lathika & @WishArya


  1. Give a demo of the first build of the system.
  2. Pushpa and Lathika to work on organizing the fields and table. They might need to add new fields and remove existing fields, clubs multiple fields into a table.
  3. Lathika to share and Vishal to review the sample data after merging all the sheets into one.
  4. Vishal to train Pushpa and Lathika to customize doctype, so that they can do changes in the system on their own as well in the future.

Update: 12-04-2022

Present: Pushpa, Lathika & @WishArya


  1. The doctype design is ready to bulk upload the data to the system.
  2. GSI team is updating some existing fields.
  3. Once the fields are updated, we will start working on excel to bulk upload the data
  4. We will work on the front-end to make them accessible to users (funders/viewers)

Update: 26-04-2022
Present: Pushpa, Lathika & @WishArya

We updated the dropdown values and statutory registration form and the beta version is ready to use. Lathika will start uploading the data manually and will get familiarized with the system for a while before we start uploading bulk data.

ToDo: Talk to Rushabh and understand the path forward.


  1. Lathika and an intern at Guidestar are learning how to use the system, change labels of fields, add descriptions and some other tweaks and edits.
  2. They are working on updating the dropdown.
  3. FOSS United is looking into the reference shared by Guidestar to work on UI for the website users.
  4. Once the UI is ready, Guidestar will invite a few NGOs to test the system and get feedback to improve it.
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Next To-Dos:

  1. Decide sidebars sections
    - Basic details + Address + Other details
    - Registration details
    - Operation
    - Contact details
    - Finance
    - Board & Management
    - More information
  2. Put dummy data to one NGO.
  3. Show those to the web page.