Hack4Bengal 2.0 Hackathon

Hack4Bengal began with the idea of bringing together the best of the best in the field of technology and providing a platform for the students to showcase their skills and work. It was 48 Hours Online Hackathon on season 1, where we were focused on themes like Healthcare, Education, Fin-Tech, Sustainability, Community, and Open Innovation.

For this season, we are breaking the virtual barrier and will be hosting a 36 Hours In-person Hackathon; where we will host 500+ hackers in the house.

  • We are aiming to promote individuals/teams and help them build their new ideas and prototypes in their domain.
  • Our target is to involve more beginner hackers and support everyone to solve the shared problems of our society, to bring a change in a positive way which will give them an opportunity to meet new people and connect with companies from the same domain.
  • We will also be focusing on the learning opportunity for those who are absolute beginners or coming from non-tech backgrounds. We have lots of tech talks from industry experts, hands-on workshops are lined up where we will talk about various technologies, create awareness, encourage others, hack to contribute, and participate in many more exciting events & sessions.

Website: https://hack4bengal.tech/
Dates: 28th - 31st April 2023