Handshake micro grants (for the open source community)

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Vishal mentioned this would be a good place to post this open source micro grants opportunity: https://twitter.com/Opnsystm/status/1690939194024378369?s=20

Our mission is to help the next generation of developers create a more free and open internet. That’s why we are launching this micro grants program for developers to build on the Handshake protocol, a new technology reinventing the internet’s naming layer. You don’t need any prior experience to submit an application. The application is low-friction (2-3 paragraphs). And we’ll issue one grant roughly every two weeks for the next 6 months as an initial experiment.

What is Handshake? Well, Handshake allows anyone to own their own top level domain (TLD) and disintermediates certificate authorities to make the internet a safer developer and user ecosystem. This means you can own hello.erik, overclock.cpu, and virtually any other TLD that you can imagine. Although it’s still a nascent protocol and ecosystem, a number of TLD owners have been successful in building communities around their TLDs.

Namecheap, the world’s second largest domain registrar, is actively supporting the Handshake protocol. But there is no foundation. It’s all a grass roots open source movement.

Useful links:

Main website: https://handshake.org/
Namecheap overview:
Open source wallet: https://bobwallet.io/
Handshake developer telegram group: Telegram: Contact @hns_tech

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